Explore the store: Koekela, Rotterdam

Koekela1408346188854I already heard so much from friends and family about Koekela, but I never actually visited the store, even though it is in my hometown Rotterdam. I heard they have the best homemade cakes, cookies, brownies and muffins, so I decided to go check it out and try some things. Koekela is really easy to get to by the Rotterdam subway, just get out at ‘Eendrachtsplein’ and the it’s not even a 5 minute walk to the Nieuwe Binnenweg number 79a.

When I approached the store, I noticed they have a small terrace outside. As I walked into the store, there were already some people waiting in line. This gave me some time to check out all the products that were displayed. They have about everyting a sweet tooth could wish for! And even though this was a monday morning, all the displays were filled up. They make everything in the basement of the store, which you can see as you are standing in line. As I noticed that they have a small area upstairs for coffee or lunch breaks, I decided to have a latte macchiato with a Pecan Caramel Square. Along with the latte, I got a free small piece of banana cake. The prices are actually not too high, so I liked that. The coffee was of a good quality and really hot! Even though I don’t like bananas, I tried the cake and to my surprise I really liked it! The banana was not too prominent and the cake was very moist. Then I tried the Pecan Caramel Square. This heavenly square has a crunchy and crumbly cookie bottom, with a chocolate layer on top. On the chocolate, there are chopped pecans and chewy caramel. Then there is chocolate again on top. It was everything I expected, even the fact that the caramel was sticky. It didn’t entirely make it to the photo though… 1408346459824Because there were so much more great things to try, I took a couple of things home with me: Walnut Melts, a Lemon Bar and a Magic Cookie Bar.

The Walnut Melts ideed melt on your tongue. They are made of a buttery cookie dough and they have small pieces of walnut in them and powdered sugar on top. A small, crumbly cookie to enjoy with your tea! They do leave a buttery layer in your mouth.

The Lemon Bar has an airy layer of real lemon on top of a cookie bottom and it is dusted with powdered sugar. It has a silky texture and you can feel the air inside the lemon layer. It was nice and fresh and not too sour at all.

Last, but definetely not least, was the Magic Cookie Bar. This was my absolute favorite! It is made of dough, pieces of dark chocolate, walnuts, peanuts, raisins, cranberries and possibly even more things in the mix. It looks like everything is just thrown together, but the taste is amazing! It has the rich taste of the chocolate, sweetness and fresness of the raisins and cranberries and the cunchyness of the nuts. The dough is just holding everything together. This bar truely deserves the name ‘Magic’!

Lemon bar, Walnut Melt and Magic Cookie Bar

Lemon bar, Walnut Melt and Magic Cookie Bar

So If you are in Rotterdam and are craving something sweet, Koekela is definetely worth a visit!

Love, Emily


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