Background info: Meet the pluot


Meet the pluot: a fruit that combines the plum and the apricot. The pluot is at least  60 percent plum and includes more than 20 varieties, each with a unique color and flavor. The pluot is a fruit in the prunus genus, which includes apricots, peaches, cherries and almonds.

Pluots are ripe when the fruit gives to pressure and is very fragrant. People should handle them delicately, just like a plum. The pluot’s sweetness makes it a great ingredient for many recipes,. Pluots are an intensely flavored fruit, full of vitamins A and C, have a very low fat content. High sugar content makes them quite sweet, though each one only has about 40-80 calories, depending on size.

Pluots are not genetically modified, but cross bred by Floyd Zaiger, who first started stelling them in 1989. They are now slowly making their way to the worldwide market.

Read more about the pluot:


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