Review: Spelt croissants from Albert Heijn

Spelt croissantI have noticed (couldn’t avoid it), that spelt is the next big thing in food land. The trend started with bread, but now all kinds of products are being baked with spelt instead of regular flour. I like the trend, because I liked spelt bread as an alternative for my regular bread. I have seen and tried crackers, biscuits, granola, muffins and eierkoeken (don’t know if there is an English equivalent for eierkoeken?) but the croissants at Albert Heijn intruiged me. Could they be comparable to their regular croissants?

At the supermarket, when I tried to put them in a bag with the tongs you are supposed to get them with, I already noticed someting different. They were VERY crumbly as the crumbles scattered all over the place. AH probably didn’t like me for that… And where the tongs always leave an indentation on their normal croissants, they didn’t affect the spelt croissants.

I took the croissants home and took them out of the bag for a thourough inspection. In most ways, the spelt croissant looks like a regular croissant. The spelt croissants do have small flakes of spelt on top and they didn’t have the shiny egg coat on top like the regular croissant does. They don’t really smell like croissants, but more like spelt bread, which seems very logical, of course.

IMG_4615At the first bite, I could tell the croissant was indeed as firm and crumbly as I expected. You can really taste the spelt in it and it has a kind of savory taste to it, more like a bread than a croissant. I could imagine it would work well with cheese for example. There is not so much air in the spelt croissant, actually, I think it was a bit too dense, not the way a croissant should be. It’s also a little dryer than their regular croissant and it has less of a buttery feel to it. Somehow, the taste and the lack of buttery feel made me feel like this croissant is a healthier option than the normal croissant, even though it probably isn’t much healthier at all.

I do think it is a nice addition to the selection of croissants Albert Heijn offers, because it gives the customers the chance to choose the ‘healthier’ option. The price is a bit higher than the price of a regular croissant at Albert Heijn, but this was to be expected as all products made with spelt are a bit more expensive. I would definetely consider buying them again, but I wouldn’t always buy them as a substitute for regular AH croissants.

So if you like spelt, give them a try and get them atย Albert Heijn or AHToGO!

Love, Emily


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