Explore the store: De IJssalon, Rotterdam


Everybody in Rotterdam knows: if you want to have some true icecream, you should go get it at De IJssalon at the Meent. People come from across Rotterdam and the areas around it because they truely have the best icecream. They have the classic flavors everybody knows, new and experimental flavors and flavors that vary because of the seasons. Every single ingredient is fresh and that is what makes the ice cream taste so great!

From the outside, you don’t immediately recognize De IJssalon as an icecream store, as you find their coffee bar closest to the entrance. The rest of the store is wide open,  with benches on the side. They really need this open space, because in summer, the entire store is filled with people waiting in line. In the back of the store is the icecream counter. 1408965836751This is the dream of every icecream lover, especially in summer, when they sell more than 20 different flavors, ranging from vanilla, to cherry mania, to apple pie and snickers! All of them nicely displayed to inspirerende you. You can get your icecream in a bowl or a cone and they also offer containers to take it home with you. De IJssalon is not the cheapest around, but it is worth every euro.

1408965875721This time I chose cookiedough and snickers icecream in a bowl. You always get a waffle which is really nice. The cookiedough had a rich vanilla taste with tiny chocolate chips. Then there are the balls of cookiedough: A little bit salty and sweet at the same time. Don’t get me wrong,  I like Ben & Jerry’s, but the version from De IJssalon is way better! Even better was the snickers icecream, with peanut pieces in it. The icecream itself tasted sweet, like vanilla with caramel and chocolate and the salted peanuts added a great contrast! I was sad I when I finished my icecream,  because I wished I could have eaten more of it.

A good reason to come back to De IJssalon and try some of the other delicious flavors!



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