Restaurant: Humphrey’s Rotterdam Binnenrotte

Restaurant Humphreys RotterdamBecause it was my mothers’ birthday, my parents and I wanted to go out for dinner. We were looking online for a place where we could remain seated, so no buffet or something like that. The menu of Humphrey’s caught my eye, because they had a 3-course dinner for 25,95 euros but there were a lot of different options for each course. Since we all like very different kinds of food, this would be the perfect option for us. The location at the Binnenrotte is a very central location, near the Rotterdam subway station Blaak.

Eastern marinated steak salad, Humphrey's


When we arrived there at 18.00 the restaurant was almost empty, so our reservation was not that of a neccessity. The decor is gives the restaurant a very cozy ambiance. There is a lot of wood and a very nice stone wall with pilars in the middle, which divides the restaurant into smaller sections. There is some relaxing background music, which creates an enjoyable atmosphere. As we sat down, the waitress came to hand us a menu. It was really hard to choose for me, as I liked almost everything on the menu (except for the dishes that involved goats cheese). Finally I decided to have a ‘Salad of Eastern marinated steak with fried garlic, yakitori sauce and sweet and sour cucumber’ as my starter. The portion size was very appropriate, since we were going for the 3 courses. My plate looked very appealing and so did the plates from my company. The steak was delicous: well marinated, very tender, but not raw at all. The fried garlic was new to me, but I really enjoyed it! It seemed to be less sharp than when it is baked.

Gambas with pasta carbonara, peas and pecorino

Main course

It didn’t take too long after the starter for the  main course to arrive. But in the mean time we had a lot of fun watching all the people who were passing by the restaurant. For my main course I chose to have ‘Gamba’s with pasta carbonara, peas, spring onion and shaved pecorino’. Again, a decent, but appropriate portion. They had not been frugal with the gambas at all, which scored some extra points for sure! The carbonara, was craemy, but not greasy. It think the pasta was a tiny bit undercooked, maybe one or two minutes of cooking time would have benefited it. The single tomato to garnish was a bit needless in my opinion. The main course was served with extra fries, mayonaise, salad and aplle rhubarb compote. Even the sides were absolutely delicious! I’m inspired to make some apple rhubarb compote myself.

Dessert Raspberry breadpudding Humphrey's


I  had kept a little space left in my stomach for dessert because I knew I was going to have ‘Breadpudding of raspberries, blueberries with sugarbread and vanilla icecream’ (this is sugarbread). Even though the restaurant was filled with guests by this time, service was still fast, because there were a lot of waiters working. The breadpudding was served warm and it smelled sooo nice! It turned out it was the vanilla sauce that was drizzled over the pudding. The sweetness of the sugarbread and freshness of the raspberries and blueberries was divine. The pudding was very dense and heavy, so the vanilla icecream was a welcome change. I felt very, very full after dessert, but still wanted to finish with a latte macchiato. The latte was well made and it was a good quality coffee.

The only minus was the fact that the ventilation system of the kitchen apparently was attached to that of the toilets, because it smelled like a frying pan in there. The toilets themselves were really clean, but the lighting was a bit too dark for my eyes.

I would like to go back to Humphrey’s again, because the food was just amazing! My parents already recommended the restaurant to others, so they were also very delighted about our choice to go there. They change their menu each month, so it wouldn’t get boring if you would go there multiple times. If you are ever in Rotterdam and want to have dinner, this is a great place to go to.

Love, Emily



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