Review: Zonnatura Sweet Chai and Macarons de Pauline

Zonnatura sweet chai teaMacarons de Pauline, Albert HeijnWhenever I’m home in the afternoon, I like to have a cup of tea with something sweet to go with it. Usually, I’ll have green tea, but ever since I tried a Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks, I wanted to make that at home. I had never seen it anywhere, but as I was walking around the food department at Xenos (which I always love by the way, because they have products I can’t find elsewhere), I suddenly saw this Sweet Chai from Zonnatura. It’s a powder you have to dissolve in water or milk in order to make your own sweet chai tea or latte. So I took it home with me to try it.


Another thing I wanted to try were the Macarons de Pauline, which were temporarily sold at Albert Heijn. I’m a huge fan of macarons and I wondered if this pre-packaged versions could be any good. In this case, I was very lucky to find them, beacuse this package was the last one in my local store!

Sweet chai Zonnatura

At first, I made the Sweet Chai. This is made mainly of sugar (!) with some ginger, grean tea, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves. I was kind of shocked about the high sugar level, but still decided it was worth a try. I chose to make it with about 2/3 of boiling water and 1/3 of milk, because I wanted it to resemble the Chai Tea Latte I had at Starbucks. The package tells you to use 2 or 3 teaspoons of the mixture on a portion. 2 seemed enough for me.You have to stir it really well, because of the spices. They don’t dissolve like the sugar, so they tend to sink to the bottom. You instantly smell the spices and it gave me a warm, glowy feeling just from the smell of it. The Chai Tea Latte was indeed sweet, like the package says. You really taste the spices, especially the cinnamon and cloves, the green tea, not so much. I must admit that it did come close to the Starbucks variant I had before, but it didn’t meet the quality I got there. It is nice and much cheaper alternative though, since you can make a lot of lattes for only 2,50 euros. In the meantime, I discovered Albert Heijn started selling the Sweet Chai as well, and I’m sure other stores have it as well by now.

Macarons de Pauline, Albert HeijnTo go with it, I had the Macarons de Pauline in the tastes: chocolate, mokka and vanilla. I love the package! It really looks like a small present, which macarons are of course! Unfortunately, you can’t close the package anymore once it is open. Or maybe this is fortunate, because you have to eat all 6 of them then. What struck me was the expiration date: it said they would expire in almost a year from now! I don’t know how this is even possible? The macarons were quite firm and a bit dry. The dryness made them quite crunchy, but at the same time they melted in your mouth. All of the variants tasted like a true macaron, but the filling was the best part, especially the chocolate one. The vanilla macaron didn’t taste a lot like vanilla, but more like a neutral almond macaron. For me personally, these macarons were quite nice, but they are definetely not as good as freshly made ones. There is a difference, probably because these macarons need to be preserved. As it turned out, Albert Heijn continues to sell these macarons throughout the year. I do think the price is on the high range: 3 euros for 6 six small, but nice, premade macarons. I would buy them again, maybe to compliment other sweets when I’m organising a high tea or something.

You can get both items at Albert Heijn

Love, Emily


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