Recipe: Rocky Road Cake from Rudolph’s Bakery

Rocky road cake, Rudolphs' Bakery Rudolph van Veen is one of my favorite Dutch patissiers and cooks. Rudolph has his own tv-channel, called 24Kitchen, and ever since it started broadcasting I have been watching his shows in amazement. My absolute favorite show on the channel is ‘Rudolph’s Bakery’, where Rudolph himself bakes the best sweet and savoury goods. I could watch this for hours. He always explains it in such a way that he makes you feel like you could do these things at home as well. So as soon as I knew there would be a book with the best recipes from the tv-show, I wanted to get a hold of it. I have tried many recipes already and everything I made turned out to be very do-able for the home baker (even the recipes that are marked with a higher difficulty level) and every item was so appetizing. One thing that was still on my to-bake list was the Rocky road cake, but since I didn’t have a square baking tin, I couldn’t make him yet. And of course, when I bought my brownie tin last week, I knew exactly what I was going to bake in it first.

This Rocky road cake requires no baking, just some time in the refrigerator. You can find the recipe in Dutch here. I will decribe it in short below:


Bottom layer

  • 250 gr Whole grain biscuits (I used ‘Volkoren kaakjes’ from Verkade)
  • 80 gr peanuts
  • 80 gr cashews
  • 150 gr soft butter


  • 210 gr Dark chocolate
  • 200 ml cream
  • 2  eggyolks
  • 100 gr marshmallows
  • 50 gr roasted almonds


  • 50 gr Dark chocolate

Personally, I made a few adjustments to the ingredients: I substituted the peanuts for another portion of cashews and ,beause I still had pecans at home, I substituted the almonds for pecans. I had these cute mini marsmallows that I used instead of regular ones.Rocky road cake, Rudolphs' Bakery

To make the bottom layer, I just put the cashews and the bisquits in the food processor to crumble the up. Then you add the butter and put the food processor on again untill everything has mixed well. Then I put it all in the buttered brownie tin and pressed it firmly into the tin with my hands. The next step was to put it in the fridge while making the filling.

Rocky road cake, Rudolph's BakeryFor the filling, you need to chop the chocolate into small pieces and put 2/3 of it into a bowl. Then you boil the cream and whisk the egg yolk. A little splash of the hot cream goes into the yolks. You have to stir it a bit and then put the yolk mix in the pan with the cream and heat it without cooking. The egg will become cooked anyway and the mixture will set a little bit. Be carefull to keep stirring and not to put the heat to high or you will end up with something like scambled eggs. After it has Rocky road cake, Rudolph's Bakeryset, pour it over the 2/3 part of the chocolate and mix wel untill the chocolate has dissolved into the mixture. Make sure it cools down a bit, untill it is lukewarm. Then pour it over the bottom layer of the cake.

Now it is time for some decorating! Sprinkle the rest of the chopped chocolate, marshmallows and the almonds (or pecans in my case) over the filling. Then melt some chocolate au bain marie (the microwave works just as fine for me though) and make a tiny piping bag. I just do this with a sandwichbag where I cut off a tiny, tiny corner. Then I made lines on the rocky road with the melted chocolate. Afterwards, It needs to set some more in the refridgerator.

This Rocky road really made me so happy! The cookie layer was a tiny bit crunchy, but it didn’t fall apart. It had a little hunch of salt, which is a nice contrast to the sweetness of the rest of the ingredients. You can taste the cashews, but they are not too present. The filling is silky and soft and it has a rich chocolate taste, probably because of the use of cream in the mixture. The marshmallows add a fun fluffyness and the pecans take care of any need for crunchyness. So it has about anything you could want for a sweet treat. It is a fun and quick thing to make when you have people coming over.Rocky Road Cake, Rudolph's Bakery

If you want to try to make one of your own, the full recipe is here

Have fun baking and eating it!

Love, Emily


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