Inspiration: Tzatziki burger


Today I went to a family barbecue and they had a lot of ingredients you could use to dress your own burger. They also had tzatziki to put on your bread, but it inspired me to create a tzatziki burger.

What do you need to make your burger a tzatziki burger?

β–  A burger, grilled on the barbecue
β–  A bun to your liking to put it on
β–  Some salad
β–  1 Cherry tomato
β–  2 Slices of cucumber
β–  Chopped onions
β–  Cheddar Cheese
β–  Fresh tzatziki

Somehow, the freshness of the tzatziki compliments the tastes of the burger and the cheddar really well. I think I liked it even better than with regular mayonaise. Plus: it’s healthier!

Try it some time on your next barbecue!

Love,  Emily


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