Restaurant: Hudson Rotterdam

Review Restaurant Hudson RotterdamMy cousin and I decided to go out for dinner to catch up after we hadn’t seen each other for quite a while. We were looking for a place in Rotterdam and decided to go and test a restaurant that was new to the both of us. The very American menu of Hudson we found online did really appeal to us, so that’s where we went.

Hudson is on the Schiedamse Vest, near the Witte de Withstraat. It looks kind of small from outside and that’s just what it is inside as well. When you enter the restaurant, you enter in the Bar area. The interior is styled very American, just as I would have expected from the menu. Almost everything is made of wood (the chairs were nicely carved) and a lot of large paintings on the walls. You can choose a table downstairs or upstairs, but we were told we could pick our reserved table upstairs. The ambience was great for an informal dinner and chatting the entire evening.

Because weLazy Sonday Nachos, Hudson Rotterdam were quite hungry, we wanted to have a starter. Both my cousin and I wanted the Lazy Sunday Nachos, so we both ordered this. The waiter told us the portion size was large enough to have one bowl of nachos and share it. I thought it was very attentive from him to inform us about this. Service was alright througout the entire evening, friendly and correct. We also ordered our mains already. It didn’t take long before the nachos came and it was clear that we shouldn’t have ordered two separate bowls. The nachos were really warm, so at first, we had to be careful not to burn our fingers. They were topped with cheddar cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, onions and jalapeno peppers. I’m not lying when I say these were the best nachos I have ever eaten in my life! Every nacho you had had a bit of different taste than the other, because of all the different toppings. This is a lovely dish to enjoy while chitchatting about everything, because you can just pop a nacho in your mouth every now and then.

I had a hard time deciding on my main course, because I liked almost Famous Hudson burgereverything on the menu, except for the chilli con carne. All of the different kinds of hotdogs, burgers, spareribs, or fish dishes appealed to me. In the end, I decided to go for a classic: the large (almost every burger comes in two sizes) Famous Hudson Burger and my cousin chose the Surf &Turf. The timing of the main course was just right, not too long or short after the nachos. I was amazed by my burger: it looked so awesome! The Famous Hudson Burger is a burger with 100% beef with bacon, cheddar, tomato, onion, salad, crunchy onion and Hudson sauce on a Fries, Hudsonsesame bun. It is served with salad and coleslaw (with raisins, great addition!) on the side. You also get an individual portion of fries with ketchup and mayonaise. I love how they serve this! The burger was perfect, not raw or dry or anything and very tastefull. It was a bit of a thing to figure out how I was going to eat it, because all of the ingredients kept falling off as I tried to cut it, but I managed. Everything on the burger was very fresh and I really liked the Hudson sauce, even though I have no idea of the ingredients in it. The coleslaw and salad were nice as well. Often I don’t really eat the salads on the side, but these two were actually nice. The fries were very crunchy, which is mainly because of their unique shape: they are curved so there is a hollow shape to it. Very original! My cousin also enjoyed the Surf & Turf very much.

After the burger, I still had a bit of space left for dessert, because who could withstand something like a Candybar Coupe? Of course, this is what I ordered. The candybar coupe has vanilla ice cream, Snickers sauce and Oreo crumble. The Snickers sauce turned out to be caramel sauce with bits of Snickers in it. It is a very sweet dessert, but I don’t mind a little sweetness at all. My cousin opted for the Chocoloco: a warm chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and chocolate icecream, which looked awesome as well, but I think it was a very rich dish, wish was a bit too much for me at this time.Candybar coupe, Dessert HudsonAfter dessert, I was very, very full, but a bit thirsty, so we took a Latte macchiato to finish the dinner. The coffee was nice and hot and was served with a tiny Oreo cookie.

I look back on a great evening with a lot of talking and the most delicious American dishes I could want in Rotterdam. I will go back there again, because there was so much on the menu I wanted to try as well. So if you ever feel like having a typical American dinner, go visit Hudson. They also have locations in Den Haag, Naaldwijk, Noordwijkerhout, Almere and Zoetermeer.

Love, Emily


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