Inspiration: Smoked Salmon Roll-ups

Smoked salmon roll upI always feel like I need to serve something savoury when I have friends or family over around lunchtime, but when you ask them if they want a sandwich, they usually say no or sometimes even, they decide to leave (and have lunch at home). There is something most of my guests don’t decline when I offer it to them and it is a Smoked Salmon Roll-up.

It’s easy, you can prepare it ahead of time (like the day before) and it is made with ingredients you can keep in you fridge or kitchen cabinet if you don’t use them. The things that are essential for Smoked Salmon Roll-ups are:

  • Tortilla Wraps
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Cream cheese (or any spread to your liking)
  • Some kind of herbs

You could add anything you want though. I have made them with dill, rocket leaves, basil, onions and grilled pepper for example. Be creative and use whatever is in your pantry or fridge, as long as it tastes nice with the salmon.

These are the steps on making the roll-ups:

  1. Roll out a piece of cling film big enough to put your wrap on it
  2. Smear the cream cheese or spread evenly on the wrap
  3. Then add the herbs, salad, onions or whatever you want to add
  4. Cover the entire surface of the wrap with the salmon
  5. Use the cling film to roll up the wrap tightly
  6. Make the ends of the cling film on the sides of the wrap look like a candy wrapper
  7. Fold the ends under and place the wrap in the refridgerator untill you want to use it
  8. If the time has arrived to serve the Smoked Salmon Roll-ups, cut the wrap into slices and put cocktail picks in each slice

That’s all there is to it! You could also use the Roll-ups when hosting a brunch or high tea as a nice savoury bite.

Enjoy and have fun with your guests!

Love, Emily


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