Explore the store: Ten to Three Bakery, Rotterdam

Ten to Three Bakery RotterdamIn the centre of Rotterdam, hidden underneath the Bijenkorf, lies a small, but magical cupcake store, called Ten to Three Bakery. They also have another location in Rotterdam and one in Delft (where I work, yay!), but the one in de Aert van Nesstraat also has a small tearoom where you can also have a cupcake break with your friends while you are shopping. Ten to Three Bakery has a large variety of cupcakes, ranging form classics (for example vanilla, chocolate, lemon), to speciality (salted caramel, cookies and cream, strawberry cheesecake) and a limited edition that changes every few weeks. They sell all the flavors in normal and mini sized cupcakes. It’s nice to know that they sell sugarfree, glutenfree and vegan cupcakes as well! Besides the cupcakes, you can get macarons, brownies, muffins and scones. All the sweets look super cute, with customised designs for each specific cupcake.

The tearoom is decorated in a whimsical style, with a lot of flowers and flower prints, pink additions here and there and wonderfully coloured tiles behind the counter. There are little references to the story of Alice in Wonderland here and there, which is a fun addition to the theme. At the tearoom, you can have of course coffee or tea with a cupcake and this is exactly what I did, but they also serve breakfast, lunch or a high tea.

When I went here for the first time, I couldn’t choose just one cupcake, so I Ten to Three Bakery, teadecided to go for a Classic Cupcake Trying Tea, where Mini cupcakes, Ten to Three Bakeryyou can choose 4 mini cupcakes and have tea to go with it. I chose the Carrot, Cookies and Cream, Raspberry Chocoholic and Vanilla cupcakes. All of them looked super cute! I first ate the Vanilla one and it was just as I expected, a classic vanilla cupcake. Not too pecial, just nice. The next one was the Carrot. This one was filled with of course carrot and raisins. The topping was of the creamcheese kind. This one was one of my favorites! Not too sweet and a bit moist inside. The Cookies and Cream was the third one. To me, the cookies didn’t really stand out in this cupcake, it was more chocolate chip like. I did like the taste though. The last one was Raspberry Chocoholic: a chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting on top. This was my favorite! You could really taste the raspberries in the frosting and this sourness was a tasty addition to the richness of the chocolate. I do have to mention that all of the cupcakes, except from the Carrot, were a bit too dry for me. I could really use the big cup of tea I got. The tea was white tea with pear. I never had this kind of tea before, but it was really nice.

The Salted caramel cupcake Ten to Three Bakerysecond time I went to Ten to Three Bakery I had a normal sized Salted Caramel cupcake with a ‘Koffie verkeerd’ (Coffee with a lot of milk). I enjoyed the coffee, as it still had a real coffee taste with all of the milk in it. The Salted Caramel cupcake was one of the things I wanted to try for a while (being a caramel addict) and I heard a lot about it, so my expectations were high. This normal sized cupcake fortunately was not as dry as the mini’s I had before. The cake was just right. It had vanilla frosting on top, with salted caramel sauce and bits of hard caramel. I had expected it to be ultra sweet, but it was not as sweet as I thought. To me, the sweet versus salt ratio was well balanced, but I would have liked to have the caramel taste to be more prominent, since there was no hint of caramel in the cake or frosting. Still, it was a delicious treat! I must say this is now my favorite cupcake at Ten to Three Bakery.

So in short: Ten to Three Bakery is a wonderfull cupcake store in Rotterdam where you can eat in or take away your cupcakes. They also have an online shop. It has a cozy tearoom where you can have a shopping break with your friends. Maybe not the best cupcakes you can get, but they are always tasty and fun!

Love, Emily


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