Restaurant: Wokhouse, Vlaardingen

Over a week ago, I went to a modern dance workshop from one of my favorite choreographers Isabelle Beernaert with my dance friends. It was a great experience as we first had a 1,5 hour workshop and a 1,5 hour long interview with her afterwards. This woman is a true inspiration for me and I learned so much from her this day! Afterwards, we decided to go for something to eat together, since all that dancing makes you hungry. One of my friends knew this place called Wokhouse in Vlaardingen, near Rotterdam, so that is where we went to.

The interior is colorful and has a mainly Asian feel to it, except for the huge gnome in the Dutch soccer team outfit near the entrance. The space is divided in different parts, with the buffet in the middle. This makes for a relaxed ambiance, where you don’t have to cross through the entire restaurant to get to your food. So this is definetely a plus! Also the owner is helping along, which shows to me he is very positively involved in keeping his restaurant running.

At this selfservice service Asian wok (stir-fry) restaurant, you can choose the ingredients you want and the cooks prepare them for you as you stand there. You can either let them stir fry it, or you can have them grill it for you on the Teppanyaki plate. Besides this, they offer Chinese food, sushi and some ‘American’ dishes like fries, pizza and chicken legs.

For me, it was the first time ever I went to a Wok Restaurant, so of course I first wanted to try the stir-fry. They had a couplet of varieties of fish, chicken breast, steak and shrimps. To add to that were some vegetables and noodles. I put together a dish with
imageshrimps, noodles, leek and mushrooms. After they put it in the pan, you can choose a sauce to go along with it. I chose an Indian curry sauce, which was supposed to be a little bit spicy. The stir-fry was prepared very fast. When the cook had put it on my plate, I grabbed it to take it back to our table. Then I found my fingers in something that felt and looked like a sauce, still on the underside of my plate. Not cleaned or whatever. The food was prepared well, except I would have used a bit less sauce if I were the cook. The sauce was very mild and not spicy at all. As a side dish we had mini spring rolls and cassave chips. The spring rolls were great, a little greasy, but the taste was good. The cassave chips were like Russian roulette: you either had a fresh and crispy one, or one that resembled cardboard.

imageFor my second round, I wanted to try the Teppanyaki plate. So I had the cook prepare a piece of steak and a piece of salmon for me. Fortunately, this plate was clean. I added Teriyaki sauce, some brown rice and cucumber. Both the steak and the salmon were baked well, not overly done, but still a bit moist inside. The Teriyaki sauce combined very well with both of them. The brown rice was very tasty!

Then I went on to try the sushi. They
imagehad a couple of different sushis and I tried 4 of them. The combinations they had were te ones almost everybody knows: with salmon, surimi and omelet. I thought it was very neat that they had chopsticks that were made to use only once. It was quite a struggle to get them to separate though. The sushi was just fine, nothing wrong with that at all.


Then there was the typical Chinese food to try. I took some spicy chicken, fried chicken, babi pangang and satay. I liked all of it, no thing really stond out for me, but the fried chicken was a bit rubbery.

To finish, we went on to the long awaited dessert buffet. They had a couple of Wokhouse, dessertdifferent icecreams and toppings to add on that. There were many different fruits (mostly from cans) and the best part: cakes and desserts. I took a mini crème brulee, apple pie, cheesecake and a mini chocolate donut. From the look of the cakes, you could tell instantly that they were premade. I would have liked it better if they were homemade, but they still tasted alright. The crème brulee was good! Afterwards, I went for some icecream with lychees as well.

Wokhouse has an all inclusive price for both your food and drinks. This is something I prefer when you are with a group and are splitting the bill, because you know beforehand what the costs will be. Service was great, the waitresses were constantly keeping an eye on empty plates, which they cleared from the tables. If you wanted to ask something or wanted the bill, you simply had to turn a board upsidedown and they came to your table.

I had a great evening with my friends and I liked the fact that Wokhouse offers different things and that everybody could eat something they liked (even the picky eaters). The concept of a Wok restaurant did appeal to me. The quality was not as high as I expected though, so I would probably go to another Wok restaurant next time.

Love, Emily


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