Review: Ola Yogjoy


I am a passionate icecream lover and ever since I went to New York two years ago I am also a fan of frozen yoghurt. I was walking to my hotel after I had been to the musical Sister Act when I still felt I needed a late night snack before going to bed. Of course, there are plenty of things you can eat while walking on 7th Avenue, but a frezen yoghurt store attracties my attention. I had never tried this before, so I took the opportunity to experience frozen yoghurt for the first time. It was a regular yoghurt with fruits and nuts on it and I was sold immediately! I loved it and ever since I am kind of obsessed. So when I saw frozen yoghurt in the Albert Heijn I couldn’t resist.

Ola Yogjoy is sold in a natural yoghurt taste and in forest fruit taste. I chose the last one to try first. It is a single serving portion, so you van easily have it on the go. I think the portion size is perfect for a dessert.

The icecream is made of 40% fresh yoghurt. I kind of expected to really taste sour yoghurt because of this, but it didn’t have the sour taste I was looking for, not like frozen yoghurt you get in a store. It was kind of dense, like a regular icecream. It tastes very nice, it is a refreshing dessert, more than a regular vanilla icecream. The forest fruit flavor was present in the swirls that are in the icecream, though it could have been more prominent. Personally, I would have liked that.

So in short: I do like Yogjoy, but I should not compare it to a Frozen yoghurt fresh from a frozen yoghurt store. It is one of my go to icecreams now though as really liked it as a substitute for regular icecream.

Love, Emily


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