Recipe: Spicy pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup recipe

For me, pumpkin season starts on the first of october, this is when I allow myself toPumpkin soup recipe. pumpkin go crazy with pumpkin recipes. So as soon as it was october 1st last week, I picked up a pumpkin at the supermarket. Pumpkin is my all-time autumn comfort food: it is sweet, savory, filling and heart warming. Plus: I love the orange/yellowish color! You can’t help but being happy when eating pumpkin. And since I like to make my family happy I decided to make a big pan of spicy pumpkin soup.

You can make this soup with any kind of pumpkin, als long as you don’t pick the tiniest one around. Even though cutting the pumpkin into small pieces is a real pain, I have never tried frozen pumpkin (although it is very tempting). I’m afraid it will have too much water in it and that my soup will become too liquid. I suppose you could try it though.

Pumpkin soup recipeThese are the things you need to make the soup:

■ 1 pumpkin, without the skin and cut into small cubes
■ 1 small chilli pepper
■ 2 onions
■ 1 clove of garlic
■ olive oil
■ 800 ml chicken broth
■ yellow curry powder to taste
■ salt and pepper to taste

You could use more garlic and chilli if you want your soup to be more spicy, but since not everybody in my family likes that, I need to keep it as plain as possible. But I do add it to give the soup a bit of a spicy boost. The curry powder goes very well with the pumpkin and gives a bit of an Indian feel to it.

How do you make the soup?Pumpkin soup recipe

1: Cut the skin off the pumpkin and cut it into small cubes
2: Slice the onions
3: De-seed the chilli pepper and finely chop it, as well as the garlic
4: Heat the oil in the pan and bake the onions, garlic and chilli for 3 minutes
5: Add the curry powder to taste, I use about 3 teaspoons
6: Add the pumpkin and bake for 5 minutes. Keep stirring
7: Add the chicken broth and bring the mixture to boiling point
8: Boil for 15 minutes and stir regularly
9: Check if the pumpkin is cooked: it should fall apart easily
10: Use an immersion blender to liquidify the ingredients

Pumpkin soup recipePumpkin soup recipe

You can add a bit of crème fraiche or some herbs to dress up the soup when serving it on a plate. Personally, I like to have something with the soup, for example chicken piri piri from the oven or Sloppy Joes.

What is your favorite pumpkin recipe for this autumn season?

Love, Emily


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