Restaurant: Ontbijtbar, Rotterdam


I love waking up in the morning every day, because I know the first thing I get to do is having breakfast. It is something I can’t do without and I make a feast out of it every morning, no matter how early it is. But today I had to skip my breakfast. Very strange for me, but for a good cause, because I had planned a visit to the Ontbijtbar in Rotterdam. I heard so many positive things about this breakfast place near Rotterdam Central Station, that I decided to make a stop there before I went to visit the Markthal.

The Ontbijtbar serves traditional breakfast dishes: oatmeal, granola, eggs benedict, pancakes and sandwiches. All of these dishes are homemade with the nicest ingredients. Of course you can get coffee, tea, milk and juices as well. Their opening hours on weekdays are from 7.00 to 15.00. So really only for breakfast or lunch.

Originally, the Ontbijtbar was meant to be a pop-up store and it would be around for a couple of months. I’m not sure if they will stay around for longer,  but the interior does look a bit raw, like it is indeed meant to be there for a short time. You can sit both downstairs and upstairs. Upstairs are the restrooms, but i have to say these are very particular: they almost fall apart. Downstairs are magazines for everyone to read and there is relaxed music playing in the background. A great place to slowly wake up! It is not crowded, but there are constantly customers around. The menu is written on chalkboards behind the counter.

I wanted to try the oatmeal, because I always have oatmeal for breakfast and I wanted to know if I liked it just as much as my homemade oatmeal. I wanted to try the pancakes as well, but the lady behind the counter gently informed me that the portion of the oatmeal was very generous, so I did leave out the pancakes. I ordered the oatmeal with fresh pineapple, dried pineapple, coconut, lime, puffed rice, and coconut milk. A bit of an exotic breakfast!


The portion was large indeed: probably twice the size of what I make at home. It was litterally steaming hot, so I burned my mouth as I wanted to start eating too fast. I loved the pineapple/coconut combination in the oatmeal!! I had never tried this at home, but it was simply amazing, fresh and sweet. It feels like you are having breakfast on a tropical island. The oatmeal was a bit runny, more of the porridge kind. I didn’t really enjoy the puffed rice, since it wasn’t as crispy like I expected it to be. I do like the fact that it was added to put a little crunch in the oatmeal. For me, it was definetely worth the price the asked for it.

I obviously couldn’t eat anymore after


the oatmeal, even though I would have liked to try everything on the menu. A good reason to return to the Ontbijtbar soon! So if you are ever near Rotterdam Central Station and you haven’t had breakfast yet, this is the place to go! Only a two minute walk from the station.

Love, Emily


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