Inspiration: typical Dutch ‘Hutspot’


When the days are getting shorter and colder, the Dutch start to feel like eating ‘stamppot’ again. It provides a sturdy meal that can keep you going for a long time. Basically a ‘stamppot’ is mashed potato with vegetables of some kind mixed through it. There are a number of typical Dutch stamppotten, like with kale, sauerkraut or endive. But the one that is my personal favorite is the one with carrots and onions called ‘Hutspot’.



Hutspot is one of the easiest dinners to make. It is just cutting the carrots in blocks and the onions into rings (or doing it the easy way and buying them pre-cut) and taking the skin of the potatoes. You do have to use potatoes that are suitable for mashing though, otherwise it doesn’t work as well. The next step is cooking the vegetables and potatoes with some salt. I always cook the vegetables in a pan that is large enough to mash the potatoes and vegetables together in. When they are done, you simply drain the water and add the potatoes to the vegetable pan. This is where the fun part, the mashing, begins. Use a masher for this job.


Make sure to mash the potatoes well and to mix it all together. Technically, the hutspot is done already at this point and you can enjoy your meal.

If you want to do it the traditional way, you make a dimple in the middle of your plate and fill it with gravy. Many people add some pepper to it to give it a little bit more power. Hutspot is best enjoyed with a piece of meat like a sausage or a stew.

Make your own and have a nice, sturdy Dutch dinner!

Love, Emily


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