Recipe: Family pizza


This is a recipe I learned from my mother. She made it when my brother and I were little and as I got older and got into the kitchen more, she passed on the recipe to me. Basically it is a pizza that covers your entire baking tray. And in our case, you can feed 5 to 6 people with it. It makes a great dinner for the entire family! I always make sections for everyone who is eating it with their preferred toppings on it. It is a great recipe for some quality time evening.

The true pizza purists might not like
imagethis version, as it doesn’t have a real pizza crust, but bread instead and I use ketchup for the sauce, which is not done in Italy of course. This pizza is not super healthy, but still healthier than the take-away or frozen pizza’s from the supermarket.

This is a recipe you might not want to make on a weekday after work, because it takes about two hours to make it if you are doing it by yourself. With the help of your family, it takes a little less time of course! Personally, I really like to make all the components: kneading the dough, cutting the vegetables and assembling it all. Is also arrange all of the toppings neatly, i just can’t throw it on and leave it messy. It is almost a meditative kind of work to me.

These are the things you need for a family pizza (5 to 6 portions):

● 2 Packs of white bread mix (I use Koopmans)
● 200 grams butter
● 500 ml lukewarm water
● 500 ml ketchup
● Italian seasoning
● 3 large onions or 4 small ones
● mozzarella
● grated cheese

Use half of the ingredients if you are making pizza for 3 people.

● ham
● mushrooms
● salami
● tomatoes
(Or whatever you want to put on it, but I mostly use these ingredients)

Steps in preparing the pizza:

1: Lightly butter the baking tray an
preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.
2: Make the bread. I always make each pack separate, because you get a beter dough this way. Knead 100 grams butter, 250 ml lukewarm water and one pack of bread mix to a soft and smooth dough. Repeat this with the other pack.
3: Rest both of the doughs for 15 minutes in a bowl with cling film and a clean towel over it.
4: Roll out the dough, covering the entire baking tray evenly. Divide it into as much parts as needed by pre-cutting the dough after rolling it.
5: Spread ketchup over the dough, using
imagethe back of a spoon to spread it evenly.
6: Sprinkle the Italian seasoning over the ketchup.
7: Finely chop the onions and cut the
imageham, mushrooms and tomatoes and tear the mozzarella.
8: Arrange everything on the pizza as you like.
9: Sprinkle more seasoning over the
imageentire pizza. Top it off with the grated cheese.
10: Place the pizza into the oven for 25 to 30 minutes.

The bread in the crust should become thick and airy. If it is still a bit moist on the inside, your pizza needs some more time in the oven. It is normal that the edges get a little dark, this is often just the ketchup caramellising against the side of the tray.

You will need large plates to serve it on, because your pizza will be cut in slices or squares. You don’t need anything to accompany the pizza, because it is an entire meal on its own.

Enjoy this pizza with your family and friends.image

Love, Emily


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