Review: Spelt Twister AH To Go

AHToGo Spelt twister review

Albert Heijn To Go at the trainstations is one of my favorite places to grab some quick sandwich or any other bread-like thing when I’m travelling by train. The have a large variety of premade sandwiches, buns without anything on it, ready to eat savoury snacks and sweet things such as croissants and cookies. Lately, the To Go concept has been revamped with a change in the products they stock. There is a lot more food that would be considered by many people as the healthier option. For example, there is a lot more organic (even raw) stuff, more fruit, and more traditional products where ingredients have been substituted by healthier options.

There has been an obvious increase in spelt products as well, and after my latest discovery of the spelt croissant, there is the spelt twister with cheese. It is simply twisted spelt bread with molten cheese on top. As I wanted to have something with bread and something with cheese for lunch, this seemed a good option for me. Personally, I like to choose spelt, because my digestive system seems less problematic with spelt bread than with regular wheat bread. I must say, it is not described on the package if this twister is made out of 100% spelt. I tried to look it up on the internet, but I could not find the information. So if anybody happens to know this, feel free to tell me in the comments!

I really enjoyed the spelt twister. It is fairly large and this makes it enough for me for a lunch. Mine wasn’t coming straight from the oven, as it had cooled down already, but it still tasted as if it had been fresly baked. I liked how the cheese really tastes like grated cheese that went into the oven and not like some strange artificial cheese. The cheese was not overpowering the bread at all, which I thought was good.The bread itself was crunchy on the outside, but very soft inside and not dry at all. Sometimes spelt causes bread to become a bit more dry than regular wheat bread, but not at all in this case. I must say that this is why I started to wonder if there was only spelt flour used for these twisters though.

I would buy the spelt twister again for sure. I liked it a lot!

Love, Emily


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