Inspiration: 10 times fruit in your oatmeal (the realistic way)


I’m seeing the most amazing photos of jaw dropping breakfast bowls with uncountable kinds of ingredients on Instagram every day. A lot of different fruits, nuts, superfoods, sprinkles, colors and whatnot are added in these breakfasts. Everything is perfectly cut and nicely shape and arranged in layers and patterns.The pictures alone are mouthwatering pieces of art. But realisticly, as much as I want it to, my breakfast almost never looks as great, not even close (even while it has the same ingredients sometimes). Simply because I don’t have the time to cut fruit in a creative way, or puff some rice or amaranth every day. And if it is very early, I don’t even care how my oatmeal looks, as long as it tastes goodThis is why I decided to share 10 of my regular, ready in 2 minutes oatmeal and fruit breakfasts. Some still look ok, others plain boring, but most important is how they tasted. I really liked all of these combinations.


1: Plum with cinnamon and honey. Just a sliced plum, but so good!


2: Passion fruit with grated coconut and honey. Kind of an exotic one.


3:Pear with cinnamon, maple syrup and pecans. A little bit more ingredients for this fall themed oatmeal.


4: Grapefruit with honey to balance the sourness. The cutting of the grapefruit took a bit more time but it was definetely worth it!


5: Raspberries and cacao. Because sometimes you just need chocolate for breakfast.


6: Figs with walnuts and honey. A classic combination that works well in oatmeal as well.


7: Chai tea powder with a superfoods mix from hazelnuts, pecans, goji berries and cranberries. No cutting or washing of fruit for this one at all.


8: Kiwi fruit, strawberries and vanilla. Classic combination, but always lovely!


9: Pomegranate with honey. You get two for the price of one: the crunch and the fruit are both in the pomegranate.


10: Apple with cinnamon and sometimes with cinnamon almonds. This tastes like having an apple pie for breakfast. One of my favorites!

As you can see, you can vary endlessly with the different fruits. I usually use whatever is in season and what I have around. Vanilla, cinnamon, honey, cacao and chai tea are always available in my kitchen and if I have some nuts or anything else like cocos I just throw it in there as well. This way I can have a fast, healthy and varied breakfast every day.

Do you have a fruit and oatmeal combination I should try? Tell me!

Love, Emily

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