Restaurant / Store: Vlaamsch Broodhuys


Today I had a tiny breakfast problem: I ran out of oatmeal! Instead of only having some fruit, I decided to go out for breakfast once. After a bit of research, I found this place called: ‘Vlaamsch Broodhuys’, a bakery that has a kind of lunchroom inside as well. They have two locations in Rotterdam: one at the Meent and one at the Nieuwe  Binnenweg, the one I went to (because I could combine it with a visit to Koekela ). There are also locations in other cities, so check their website to see if there is one near you.

Vlaamsch Broodhuys sells regular bread, special sweet and savory buns and a selection of cakes. You can either buy them to enjoy at home or eat in. The store looks very inviting and cozy. You can see everything they sell and everything looks delicious. The lunchroom part is very spacious, with a lot of places to sit. There are benches

and chairs around small tables and there are large tables as well where I’d imagine you would have lunch with a group of colleagues. And there is a bar at the coffee area. I really liked how everything was placed in the space. There was nice music playing in the background and you could read magazines that were available.


You can get any type of bread they sell in the store plus some items specially made for the lunchroom. I chose a chocolate brioche and a cinnamon caramel bun with fresh orange juice. The juice was made on the spot and the bread I chose came from the store. The brioche was a bun of white bread with dark chocolate drops on top and inside. It was not as sweet as I expected from a brioche, but more like a regular bread. This makes it more suited for breakfast and you can truely taste the chocolate. The same goes for the cinnamon caramel bun. It was not overly sweet and the caramel didn’t overrule the entire thing. This one was a bit dry on the bottom, but this was the only negative remark about it. It was sweet, with just the right amount of cinnamon.

I liked the fact that the service was fast and friendly. There is only one important thing you should know about Vlaamsch Broodhuys and that is that you cannot pay cash. It is a pin only store. Of course, this was not a problem for me, but it could be if you don’t have your card on you.

Vlaamsch Broodhuys is a really nice place to have breakfast. Good food and possibilities to either catch up with others or wake up slowly. Prices are in the normal range: I paid under 7 euros for my entire breakfast. I would like to try a lot of the other things they serve, so I will definetely go back, either for eating in or take-away.

Love, Emily


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