Recipe: Mini spelt buns

Recipe: Mini Spelt bunsI had this pack of spelt flour in my kitchen cabinet for a couple of months now, but I couldn’t think of what I would make with it. I had never baked anything with spelt flour before and because I knew it needs different treatment than regular flour, I didn’t want it to be a big project (incase it wouldn’t work ). Then I stumbled upon this recipe from Focus on Foodies for wheatfree, mini spelt buns. This seemed like the perfect recipe to try out the spelt flour: not too complicated and the produce isn’t large, so if I would fail, at least I didn’t have to throw away a full sized bread.

You only need:  Recipe: Mini Spelt buns

  • 250 grams of spelt flour
  • 3,5 grams of yeast
  • 125 ml lukewarm water
  • a splash of olive oil
  • a decent pinch of salt

I’m not going to write down the entire recipe, because you can look it up here:

I made the buns on a sunday morning when I was going to have breakfast with my parents. Because the bread needs some time to rise, I was making the dough at 7.00 in the morning. Very early indeed, but the smell of freshly baked bread makes everything better! The recipe was very easy to follow, with only a few steps. The only things I found a bit hard was estimating if my ‘splash’ and ‘pinch’ were the right size. I just added some more olive oil untill I thought it would be fine. I was afraid my buns wouldn’t rise, because it was kind of cold in my house. That is why I used water that was not  lukewarm, but just the temperature where you can Recipe: Mini Spelt bunsput your hand in it. I do this with my pizza dough all the time and it makes it rise like crazy, so I figured this might work here as well. I also used both my mixer for making the dough as well as my hands. I somehow believe I need to feel when the dough is right. For the rising process I put cling film and a dishcloth over the buns and put them in the most warm place I could find in my house. After 40 minutes, their volume had indeed increased (Thank god!), so I put them into the oven. After less than 15 minutes, the buns were lightly browned and they felt hard on the outside, but they gave in a bit when I pushed on them.

The bread was nice and dense, as you expect from speltRecipe: Mini Spelt buns bread. They were also heavier than regular wheat buns, which was quite funny as I hadn’t expected that when I picked up the first one. Spelt can make bread a little dry though, and although I was afraid that this might happen, the inside of the buns was as soft as you can expect it to be from spelt.  We might have to thank the olive oil for this! They were so full of flavor and very filling. I like how spelt always gives you the feeling like you have really eaten something.

I would absolutely recommend making these spelt buns for breakfast or brunch, as they are very nice!


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