Review: BubbleTea from Yoyo! Fresh Tea Bar


Ever since I learned about the existence of BubbleTea, I wanted to try it. I figured  I would like it, because I love tea and fruit and I am always open to try new things. And, of course, the cute little bubbels seemed like a fun thing to try. As fortunate as I am to live in Rotterdam, where there are multiple BubbleTea bars, I thought about trying it every time I went shopping in the Rotterdam city centre. But for some reason it took me about 2 years (don’t  ask me why, as I have no clue?) to go and get my first BubbleTea.

I went to Yoyo! Fresh Tea Bar, which is near V&D and the Beurstraverse (Koopgoot for us locals). It is a small bar and they sell just BubbleTea and Frozen Yoghurt. I asked the lady behind the counter how it worked and what the different options were.
You can choose either a set combination for your drink, or choose 3 components and customise it. This is what I wanted to do, to make my own combo! From the drinks, you could choose tea, milk or yoghurt. Then you had to choose a flavor and some toppings (don’t know why they are called toppings, as they sink to the bottom of your drink). I chose green tea with mango flavor and strawberry pearls. After you order it, they put all of your ingredients together in a cup, add ice and mix them together. Then they sell the top of your cup with plastic. This was kind of strange to me, but on the other hand this makes it easier to enjoy your BubbleTea without spilling when shopping. You have to smash your big straw through the seal with quite some force and then you can drink your BubbleTea.


I loved my first BubbleTea! The green tea and mango was a succesfull combination in my opinion, fresh and not too sweet. The strawberry pearls came trough the straw as I drank my tea. It is quite a weird sensation to suddenly have this tiny balls in your mouth that pop when you bite them. Then the strawberry flavor kicks in. I must say the pearls stay on the bottom of your drink, making it hard to drink/eat all of them before finishing your BubbleTea. You just can’t get them all out.

I like BubbleTea for a refreshing drink and I think it is especially suited for warm summer days, although it is nice on colder days when you are thirsty. I would go back to Yoyo! Fresh Tea Bar to try some of the other drinks they offer. Maybe next time I go shopping or visit the Markthal, because they have a location there as well.

Love, Emily


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