Inspiration: Quinoa stuffed bell pepper

Quinoa stuffed bell peppers

Last friday, I had to work first, then eat alone, and then go and help two of my friends with creating a choreography for them. But because I knew I would not cook a proper meal for the entire weekend (because I have way too much planned in those 2 days) I felt I needed to make something healthy for myself. I had seen a lot of recipes for stuffed bell peppers with all kinds of fillings lately, so I spontaneously bought a bell pepper. I figured I would just mix some things that were still in my pantry together to fill it. And since I was just cooking for myself I could throw anything in there! Here is what I used for the filling :

◾a tiny onion
◾cottage cheese
◾balsamic vinegar

I know the balsamic vinegar sounds a bit out of line with the rest of the ingredients, but it was the only kind of dressing I had around. And I must say it tasted quite nice (although althans tomato based sauce would work for sure). I encourage you to experiment with the filling, just try combinations from whatever you have around (and let me know what your favorite combinations are!).

Preparing the bell pepper is as easy as it can be.
Simply cook the quinoa according to

the package. Finely chop the onion. Mix the quinoa, onion, corn, coriander, cayennepeper and seasalt together in a bowl. Cut the top off the bell pepper and take the seeds out. First put a layer of cottage cheese in the bell pepper, then a layer of quinoa mixture. Continue untill the bell pepper is full and finish with a layer of cottage cheese.

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius and place the bell pepper on a baking tray. In my case, I had some sweet potato fries in my freezer, so I put them on the same tray. Then put them in the oven together for 20 minutes. The top layer of cottage cheese should have become a golden brown color. Dig in and enjoy!

Love, Emily


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