Background: my Food Bucket list

I always make lists for everything: things I want to do, make, see or get. That’s why I also had a list of recipes I want to make, food I want to try and restaurants I need to visit. Lately, I discovered more people have these lists and that some people call this a Food Bucket list. I really liked the idea of a bucketlist and tracking which of the items you have completed, so I decided to post my Food Bucket list on the blog and tell you about the progress I am making with it. I must say I completed some items on my list lately already:

1: Making a curry
2: Baking pumpkin muffins
3: Taste quinoa
4: Make a Cake Boss recipe
5: Visit the Markthal
6: Have a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks
7: Make Sloppy Joes
8: Taste pulled pork
9: Bake spelt bread
10: Eat at a tapas restaurant

Being a food blogger absolutely helps in checking off the items on my list, as I often look at my list when I am thinking about what I want to write about next. At the same time, it makes it harder to complete the list, as I get inspired by all of the other blogs where I discover new recipes or restaurants, which makes my list grow before I can finish all of the items on it! But for now, this is my Food Bucket list:

1: Sushi Completed 
2: Quiche Completed
3: A decorated cake from the Cake Boss book
4: Caramel apples
5: Chocolate mousse Completed
6: Cauliflower couscous
7: Macarons
8: Oatmeal cookies Completed
9: Bagels
10: Corn dogs
11: Lemon merengue pie
12: Donuts
13: Stroganoff Completed
14: Beef stew
15: Loaded Nachos
16: Breadpudding
17: Omelette Siberienne
18: Bokkenpootjes Completed
19: Moussaka
20: Toad in the hole
21: Pizza Rolls
22: Eggs Benedict
23: S’mores on the barbecue
24: Jam
25: Carrot Cake Completed

26: Gnocchi
27: Dimsum
28: Kapsalon
29: Dragonfruit Completed
30: Dutch Weedburger
31: Baklava Completed
32: Aardpeer Completed
33: Oreo cake
34: Coquille Completed
35: Halloumi Completed
36: Mochi

Eating at:
37: Foodhallen, Amsterdam Completed
38: Bazar, Rotterdam
39: Burgertrut, Rotterdam
40: Yoghurt Barn, Utrecht Completed
41: Pickles, Rotterdam Completed
42: Frites uit Zuyd, Amsterdam
43: Lof der Zoetheid, Rotterdam Completed
44: Any restaurant with a Michelin star

45: Follow a Barista workshop
46: Organise an American party
47: Make a gingerbread house
48: Go to ‘Taste of Christmas’ Completed
49: Visit Makro
50: Visit Kookpunt Completed 
51: Eat a croissant in Paris
52: Take a cooking workshop
53: Go for a picknick.

As you can see, my Food Bucket list does not consist of impossible items, because I wanted to be able to achieve a completed list in the end. There are things on it I could do, for example, tomorrow or next week (as a matter of fact, I will be doing one next monday), but they are just things I wanted to make, taste or do for a while now.

If you have a recipe, food item, restaurant or event that I should definetely add to my Food Bucket list, please write it in the comments. I would love to hear your suggestions!

Love, Emily


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