Restaurant: Giuliano, Rotterdam


The Italian cuisine is one of my favorites, so Italian restaurants are often the ones of my choice. Lately, I was searching for a place to have lunch in Rotterdam and I found Giuliano at the Meent. I had never heard of this place before, but the reviews on the Internet were all so positive that I knew I had to go there.

Giuliano is only open for lunch, between 11.00 and 17.00 o’clock. You can get all kinds of Italian sandwiches, soups and salads. Varying from a Bistecca (slow-cooked beef rib) to Pastrami, to Polpettone (Italian meatloaf) to Gallo (warm chicken), all of the descriptions of the sandwiches on the menu sound amazing! Of course they also make traditional sandwiches like mozzarella or salami. Most of the dishes are under 10 euros, which is a fair price for me. What I liked about Giuliano as well, is that they design a new signature dish each year. This shows to me that they want to keep experimenting and improving their formula.

I found it so hard to make a choice, but finally decided to go for the Polpettone. I was at the restaurant only a few minutes after they opened, but in no time the entire restaurant was full! And this on a regular weekday, that’s how well known Giuliano is. They also have a take-away counter and people were just waiting in line to order there as well. While I was waiting for my lunch to be prepared, I watched all of the other sandwiches for other customers pass by and I knew this would not be the last time I had lunch here. Every single dish looked mouthwatering and I could not wait for my Polpettone to arrive.


When my Polpettone was served, it was more than I had expected. There was so much meatloaf on my plate and there was a generous amount of mustard-saffran mayonaise on top. It was garnished with onions, sundried tomatoes and salad and presented on Italian bread. It was quite a challenge to figure out the best way to eat this sandwich, as there was way too much meatloaf to fit on the bread. So I kind of folded the meatloaf onto both halves of the bread. The taste was unbelievable. The meatloaf was still warm and had a certain moistness to it which made it so delicious! It was seasoned very well. The mustard-saffran mayonaise and onions complemented the Polpettone wonderfully. The mayonaise being creamy and the onions being zingy gave the dish just that little extra.
The bread itself was super fresh and soft. I can’t say anything else about this sandwich but that it came close to perfection.

Service was very friendly and, even though the place was full, fast enough for me. They work with a nice and clear structure, directing all of the customers to their place. They also check if everything is as you wanted it to be, but not in a pushy or annoying way at all.

Giuliano is certainly a restaurant to visit again, because I saw all of these great dishes the other customers had that I need to try now as well!

Love, Emily


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