Cookbook: New York, recipes from the big apple


I love to wander around in bookstores, I can literally spend hours in there going through all of the books I would like to read. We are lucky enough to have Donner in Rotterdam, which is a humonghous bookstore with specific departments for all kinds of genres. Of course, I always visit the cookbook department and this time I found this
book: ‘New York, recipes from the big apple‘. I went on a city trip to New York in 2012 and ever since I feel like I miss New York and I need to go back there. There was so much I didn’t get to see, do or taste in those few days I was there! So this book instantly caught my eye.

The inside of the book is filled with

beautiful large pictures of typical New York food and the recipes to make them at home. If it is a recipe from a certain restaurant or deli, there is some information about the place as well. With other recipes, there is a little description about the origin of the dish. The recipes are in order of the time of the day as to when you would eat the certain foods. At the same time, there is a categorisation of the districts the recipes are from, for example Chinatown or the Jewish community.This way, it’s really easy to look for recipes.

The recipes are written in a very clear way, making them easy to follow. There are no step by step pictures, but you won’t need them anyway. I think most of the recipes can be made by the cook who has a little experience, but you certainly don’t need to be a chef. I seriously would like to make almost every recipe in this book! That’s why I consider giving my birthday an American theme this year. I can make a lot of different sweets, snacks and dinner dishes at once then. I am already looking forward to that day, oh boy! But for now, I tested the recipe for peanutbutter cups.

I think it was the simplest recipe in the

book, with only 3 ingredients and just 3 small steps in preparing them. So easy, but so delicious! I made them with dark chocolate and I honestly like them even better than the original Reeses. Bad, I know.

So if you like all of the food you can get in New York, go and get this book. It is my official New York food bible from now on!

Love, Emily


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