Restaurant: Lof der Zoetheid, Rotterdam


Lof der Zoetheid was on my wishlist to visit for literally years already. I discovered this place when I went to visit Kookpunt for the first time with my parents. We had been in this amazing shop for a couple of hours and afterwards we wanted to go and have lunch somewhere. Next to Kookpunt, on the corner of the block was Lof der Zoetheid. As we looked inside, we noticed the place was crammed full! There was no room for us to sit, so we didn’t go for lunch there we but at home instead. As we  never heard of it before we wondered what was so special about Lof der Zoetheid. So at home I looked it up on the internet and I found the most wonderful reviews. I found out that especially their cakes, lunches and high teas were incredible. Then I knew I had to go there at least once!

So now the day had finally come! I went to Lof der Zoetheid with the idea of having coffee with something sweet on the side, since it was only 10.30 in the morning. What struck me immediately was the sober interior. The walls are all white with little decoration and the tables were just plain wooden tables. As I sat down, I noticed they weren’t as plain as I initially thought, because the tables and chairs turned out too be old school tables and chairs. The chairs even still had the names of the students on the backs. There were also

other references to schools, like the wooden hangers where the different cakes and cookies that are sold at the moment are described on. I love these little details!

Lof der Zoetheid has an open kitchen, but open is really open here, like you can sit next to the kitchen with only a low counter in between. On this counter,

the different cakes, cookies and other sweets are displayed. Everything looks so delicious and all the other customers and me were just staring at all of the goodies on the counter. I decided to take one thing from the card: the brioche with jam and butter and one thing from the counter: a nut bar. To go with it, I had a soy latte (my first with soy milk actually).

The latte was perfect! Nice and warm

with good foam on top. I didn’t really taste the soy in the coffee itself, but I noticed the foam tasted a bit different than I was used too. I liked it very much though! They served a tiny square of something chocolatey (I don’t know what it was? No cake, no chocolate, maybe fudge?), which was divine and very promising for the other things I ordered.

The brioche seemed like it was baked

right there after I ordered it. The smell alone was magnificent. It was warm, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Such a same that it was so small, because it was so nice! The jam they served with it was a strawberry and rhubarb jam, which looked like it was homemade as well. It was not overly sweet and I definetely enjoyed that.

The nut bar was loaded with nuts, like

crammed full! They served it with a tool that wad both a spoon on one side and a fork on the other side. I tried to use both, but the bar was so rigid neither could get though it, so I resorted to just biting bits off. The nuts were stuck together with caramel (without making it sticky) and chocolate and there was a crumbly cookie bottom. The nuts tasted super fresh, as well as the cookie below. Really a great bar, not too heavy on the stomach, but still a great source of energy.

It was a nice experience at Lof der Zoetheid with great food and coffee. I can imagine how great a high tea would be at Lof der Zoetheid, looking at all the things they offer, so I think I will be making a reservation soon.

P.s.: Visit the bathroom as well and take a picture with their mustache mirror. How funny!


Love, Emily


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