Explore the store: Jordy’s Bakery, Rotterdam


Lately, a certain name started to pop up in more and more restaurants and lunchrooms in Rotterdam: ‘Jordy’s Bakery’. Many lunches in town are suddenly served on bread from this bakery. I think I have tasted this bread in four different occasions already, but never from the original source yet. So today I ventured to the Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam to see for myself what this bakery is all about.

Jordy’s Bakery is run by, of course, Jordy, who is the grandson of a well known baker, Klootwijk in Rotterdam as well. After studying in the United States he started his own bakery where they bake bread with pure ingredients and all in the traditional way. Jordy’s is especially well known for their sourdough bread.

The shop itself is very small and narrow, there is barely place enough for the customers to stand (at the time I went to Jordy’s Bakery, the people were standing in line outside! ). The fresh bread is displayed behind a glass counter. There is not an enormous variation of breads, but by far enough choice and all of the breads look so delicious! They are all a bit different, showing that they are handmade. No mass production here! There is also never a large amount of the same bread displayed, as the bakers do continuous baking in the basement. You can also have breakfast or lunch at Jordy’s Bakery as they have a few seats upstairs.

I bought 3 things to try to take home with me.

The cinnamon walnut bun is like a cinnamon roll with a cinnamon swirl inside and caramel on the outside. You would think this makes the bread overly sweet, but this isn’t the case at all. This is the part where it differs from a cinnamon roll. Somehow, they managed to balance it out very well. The walnuts are in the cinnamon mixture and give it a nice crunch. The bread is soft, like a brioche. I really enjoyed this one!


The muesli bun was kind of hard. I think it was also made of sourdough, and because the bun was so small, and the crust was thick, it made it a very touch job to get your teeth through it! The taste was worth it though. It had oats on top and raisins and nuts inside. Very sturdy bread for sure!

I also bought a whole wheat petit boule, a small rustic looking bread. It had flour on top. It is very compact with various seeds inside. It tastes like regular brown bread, with a little bite because of the seeds. The crust is kind of hard, like in the muesli bread, but again this is probably due to the fact that this is a sourdough bread as well. Very nutritious bread, as I didn’t need to eat anything else for lunch after this one.

I can definetely see why all of the lunchrooms and restaurants are advertising with the fact that they use bread from Jordy’s Bakery. It has great taste and freshness and you can tell it has been made with love and dedication.

Love, Emily


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