Recipe: Cashew-date balls


I have seen so many recipes for this thing called ‘bliss balls’ (quite a strange name if you ask me). I do like the idea of making something healthy and sweet, as I am a sweet-tooth but at the same time I am conscious of what I eat and I don’t always want to stuff my body with a truckload of sugar. As I do this often enough with all the baking I do, I felt I could use some balance. So i looked up healthy snacks and this ‘bliss balls’ thing came up very frequently. Most of the times they involved oats or almonds, but that was not quite what i had on my mind. I wanted to try something else and because I always love cashews I decided to put them in the mix. I know cashews are not the healthiest nuts I could choose, but as this would still be a snack, I figured this was okay.

So here is what I used for my Cashew-date balls:

◾100 grams unsalted cashews
◾12 pitted dates
◾1 tablespoon of cacao powder
◾2 tablespoons of peanutbutter


Not much at all right? The steps involved in making them are just as few as well:

1: Put the cashews in a food processor and chop them finely. Not too finely, or it will become cashew butter.
2: Put the dates in as well and turn the processor on again untill the dates are finely chopped as well.
3: Add the cacao and peanutbutter and mix it in the processor untill the mixture starts to form a ball.
4: Knead it with your hands to make everything stick together and divide the ball into 12 portions.
5: Roll the portions between your hands to make small balls. Place them onto a sheet of non-stick baking paper and you are done already.


This recipe makes about 12 small Cashew-date balls. It took me between 5 and 10 minutes to make them, so they are also perfect for busy bees like me.

These balls make a perfect nutty snack. They are sweet, but without adding any sugar. I love the cacao in it as well for my little chocolate fix (as we all need this at times!). You could add anything you like of course, I also thought of adding grated coconut for example. But I must say I think I will just leave them the way they are.

Love, Emily


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