Restaurant: Proef, Scheveningen


Last week I went to one of the try-outs of Billy Elliot the Musical. It was a musical I had been dying to see, so as soon as I knew tickets were available, I asked my friend if she would like to go as well and we ordered the tickets! There are multiple children from my dance studio in this show, but unfortunately none of them was playing this night. Lucky for me, I did know two other dancers on stage who I was performing in the Nutcracker with last year! The show was amazing, even better than I expected, especially the dancing of course.

Before the musical, my friend and I needed to have dinner, so we decided to go and eat at the boulevard next to the beach. Scheveningen is next to the Noordzee and there is a nice boulevard there with lots of restaurants. As it isn’t quite the beach season right now, not all of the restaurants were open. We did manage to find one with a promising  menu, called ‘Proef’. It looked like a cozy restaurant with fires to sit by outside. Inside, it was quite dark, but with a nice atmosphere.

This restaurant has a menu that

involves mostly bistro dishes that everyone likes, like schnitzel, satay, burgers and of course, fish. When my friend and I were going through the menu, we saw nachos as a starter. As I had nachos at Hudson before that were amazing, we decided to share one bowl. Such a deception when it turned out to be just a huge bowl of cold nacho chips with a tiny bowl of salsa and a tiny bowl with mashed avocado. Not what we expected. But hey, maybe our expectations were too high!

It was quite a challenge to get a hold of a waiter or waitress. Putting your hand in the air or calling them as they passed by worked only after like 10 minutes and 15 tries. And there were barely other customers in the restaurant, so it was not like they were too busy, they just didn’t notice. When they did notice us, service was fine, except for the extra mayonaise we asked for but never got.

Our main dishes arrived very fast after our starter, which we had not finished yet since the bowl was so large. My friend chose the Fish Pan, which has different kinds of vegetables and different kinds of fish and seafood in it. I had the Ladies Burger. We got fries on the side as well.

The fish pan looked wonderful and was actually presented in a pan! I really liked that. According to my friend, it was a bit too spicy, especially the sauce. It looked very well filled with mussels, calimari, some kind of white fish and all of the vegetables.


My ladies burger looked wonderful, with a very nice bun. It had a baked egg, cheese, onions, lettuce and tomato on top. The burger itself was seasoned in a great way, it had lots of flavor and was baked perfectly. Still moist, but not undercooked. On the side there was another truckload of nachos! The menu didn’t describe this and I must say it was kind of a nacho overload. The sauce on the burger turned out to be the same as the salsa that was served with our nachos from our starter.

We wanted to have dessert, as we saw a nice cheesecake and a caramel icecream bowl on the menu, but we just didn’t have enough time before the musical started. So after our main, we headed to the theater.

Maybe it was because it was the off season, maybe just something else, but it was not quite what we expected. The food was ok, but I would probably try another restaurant at the boulevard next time.

Love, Emily


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