Recipe: Chocolate mousse


I admit I am a chocolate (and caramel) addict. If I would allow myself to, I would have chocolate any time of the day. Of course, one of my favorite desserts involves chocolate as well. We often buy premade chocolate mousse from the supermarket, but today I wanted to make a fresh chocolate mousse from scratch.

As a matter of fact, I thought making this mousse would be easy peasy. It turned out to be a little bit more work than I expected, but it is still a very manageable recipe. You need 3 separate bowls to prepare the different components of the mousse. Don’t think you can just combine things in less than 3 bowls, because it is just not possible.

What do you need to make this divine mousse?
β—Ύ150 grams of dark chocolate
β—Ύ200 ml whipped cream
β—Ύ50 grams of white caster sugar
β—Ύ 2 eggs, whites and yolks separated

This still sounds simple: not too much ingredients at all.

So how do you make the chocolate mousse?
1: Melt the chocolate au bain marie. Don’t try to do it the lazy way, like I did, in the microwave. This didn’t work and the chocolate became a thick mass.
2: Whisk the egg whites with 25 grams of caster sugar untill it forms stiff peaks.
3: Mix the egg yolks with the other 25 grams of sugar.
4: Add the molten chocolate to the egg yolk mix.
5: Whisk the whipped cream for about 3


minutes untill it has a nice consistency. 6: Fold the chocolate-yolk mixture into the egg whites.
7: Fold the whipped cream into the chocolate mixture.
8: Scoop the chocolate mousse into the bowls you want to serve it in and cover with cling film.
9: Place it into the refridgerator to set for at least 1,5 hour.
10: Garnish with chocolate, whipped cream or fruit.

This chocolate mousse is so airy, delicate and luscious. It has a good chocolate taste, but is not extremely sweet. I must say it is a little bit heavy on the stomach, but it is so worth it! Better keep some space when you now this dessert is coming up!

Love, Emily   


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