Review: Goody Goodstuff


A few weeks ago, I participated in an Instagram giveaway from Lekker en Simpel where you could win candy from Goody Goodstuff: candy that is gluten-free, lactose-free and gelatin-free (suitable for vegans! ). And the are natural colors and flavors in it. So of course, as it is still candy, it is not really healthy, but it is a healthier version of the candy. I really like this idea, because I love candy, but I don’t want to eat all of the rubbish that is in so much candy. As you might be able to guess right now, I won the giveaway! It was such a surprise, as I don’t often win anything. I promised to write a review about it, so when my package with the candy arrived I gave everything a thorough try and started to write the review.

My package consisted of 2 packages of summer peaches, 2 packages of mini mix with cola breeze and koala gummy bears and 2 packages of sour mix match. Because I got 2 of everything, I also gave my brother and sister in law an entire set.

I started with the sour mix match. These have two tastes, according to their color and they are matched in different ways. I believe there are mainly citrus flavors in them, as they are of course the most sour. And boy! Are they sour! I really like their taste, you can really tell they are flavored with actual fruit. They are really soft as well not tough like the regular candy with gelatin.


Next up were the summer peaches. They already smelled nice when I opened the package! In texture, the peaches are the same as the sour mix, just as soft and with a sugar coating. But of course, they are sweet instead of sour. They taste just like the regular candy peaches, so they managed to get real close to the original candy in this one. I think this must be my favorite of the ones I tried.

From the mini mix, I had a package of cola breeze candy first. They resembled the same structure of the two kinds of candy I described before. The cola taste is clearly present and it tastes just like you would expect from this type of candy. The koala gummy bears were a little different than the other 3, because they didn’t have the sugar coating. I usually don’t like gummy bears, because they really taste ‘gummy like’ and a bit chemical. I was do happy that these koalas did not taste like that at all! I liked them, although I wouldn’t call them my favorite. The different coloured koalas actually taste different as well, which I think is a goed thing!

So my conclusion about Goody Goodstuff candy would be that it is actually really nice. I like the fact that it has truely only good ingredients in it and it is suited for people with allergies and vegans. I am pretty sure that if you would do a blind test comparing regular candy and ‘good’ candy, you would not taste the difference. Personally, I even like Goody Goodstuff better, because I am not a huge fan of the texture of gelatin in candy. So if I have the possibillity, I will choose Goody Goodstuff next time. You can get them at most supermarkets by now!

Love, Emily


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