Explore the store: Van Delft pepernotenwinkel, Markthal


It is almost Sinterklaas  (a national holiday in the Netherlands) so it is also my favorite time of the year: time for pepernoten, kruidnoten and chocolate. Kruidnoten are my favorite Sinterklaas treats, they are little spiced cookies which are baked untill they are crispy.

When I heard about the Pepernotenwinkel (which actually sells kruidnoten by the way) from Van Delft in Harderwijk, Haarlem and Amsterdam I knew I had to plan a visit to one of these cities soon. I have this weakness for kruidnoten, almost to the point of an addiction ;p When I see them in the stores in september, which is very early actually, I just can’t control myself and I have to get them. I have tried every variation I could find so far, but my favorites are the plain, truffle and yoghurt kruidnoten. But when I read that van Delft has 35 (!) different flavors  I knew I had so much more to explore. How delighted I was when I found out that there would be a temporary stand in the Markthal from Van Delft! Halleluja! No trip to Harderwijk, Haarlem or Amsterdam needed!

So today I planned a trip to the Markthal again with my mother especially for the Pepernotenwinkel. My mum likes kruidnoten as well, so she understands a bit how obsessed I am with them. When we arrived at the stand, I immediately saw all of this kruidnoten goodness. So many kinds and there was a little bowl in front of every flavor to taste them. Before buying any of them, we did a very thorough taste test of course!

We tried raspberry, orange, chocolate, caramel, yoghurt and stroopwafel from the small coated kruidnoten. The coating is usually made of chocolate with some flavor. The stroopwafel flavor was my favorite by far. It is a little bitter on the outside, like caramellised sugar, and then sweet like the caramel. Outstanding! The ones you can get in the supermarket are nowhere near as good as these.

They also sell old fashioned kruidnoten, which are bigger and don’t have a coating. They are also a bit more crispy than the coated ones. There are different flavors in this as well, like nutmeg, pepper and cinnamon. I loved the cinnamon kruidnoten, so I took them home as well.

If you love kruidnoten as much as I do or if you just want to try a different kind of kruidnoot for once, please go and visit the Pepernotenwinkel from Van Delft. I promise they will be better than the ones you had so far, maybe except for homemade ones. The stand in the Markthal in Rotterdam will be there only untill the end of the year, so be quick if you want to go here. You can visit the store in Haarlem year round.

I’ll go and eat kruidnoten now!

Love, Emily


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