Recipe: Forgotten vegetables, Aardpeer (Jerusalem artichoke)


Aardpeer, Jerusalem artichoke, recipeIn the Netherlands forgotten vegetables are trending. Vegetables like parsnips, turnips and the aardpeer or Jerusalem artichoke are getting more attention than they have had in the last decades. Many people didn’t make these vegetables on a regular basis anymore and thus they were kind of forgotten by most. Lately they have been re-discovered by the mainstream and people are making them more and more again. As autumn is the season for many of these vegetables you find them plenty in stores now, even in the regular supermarkets.

Personally, I never tasted any of the forgotten vegetables and neither did my parents. I decided this needed to change, so I bought aardperen and parsnips and made two wonderful dishes with them we all enjoyed. In this first part, I will share the recipe for aardperen from the oven. This is the easiest recipe you could think of and it is a great side dish for about 2 to 3 people.Aardpeer, Jerusalem artichoke, recipe

What do you need?
◾750 grams of aardperen or Jerusalem artichokes
◾2 red onions cut in parts
◾1 garlic, all the cloves cut in half
◾2 rosemary branches, using only the leaves
◾olive oil
◾sea salt

1: Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees Celcius .
2: Take the skin off the aardperen and cut them into parts.
3: Take the leaves off the rosemary, cut the onion into parts and cut all of the garlic cloves in half.
4: Place everything on a baking tray and make sure it is spread well. Take care of dividing the onions and garlic evenly amongst the aardperen.
5: Sprinkle the olive oil and seasalt over the rest of the ingredients.Aardpeer, Jerusalem artichoke, recipe
6: Place it into the oven for about 45 minutes.

Serve with a nice steak or meat pies for example (which was my choice). I really liked the aardperen, they taste a bit like regular potatoes, but the taste is leaning more towards other root vegetables. They are also a bit more cohesive than potatoes, like they would fall apart less when you cook them.

I am really glad I tried them finally, because they are a nice substitute to potatoes. Are you going to give them a try?

Love, Emily


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