Recipe: Forgotten vegetables, parsnips and meat pastries

Parsnip and meat pastryAs I mentioned in the previous post, I was trying some of the ‘forgotten’ vegetables. The second vegetable I made was parsnip. I think parsnip is a bit less forgotten than the aardpeer as I have seen this more often and more people actually know how this vegetable tastes (but we didn’t). When I was preparing the parsnips, I already knew I was going to like this vegetable, as the smell really appealed to me. I chose to make individual pastries with minced meat and parsnips. I figured everyone would like this and it would make a nice combination with the aardperen. The two dishes also went into the oven at the same temperature, so it is actually easy to prepare them together.Parsnip and meat pastry

What do you need?
◾2 parsnips
◾1 onion
◾20 grams cellery
◾500 grams minced meat  (I used half pork, half beef)
◾3 tablespoons worcestershiresauce
◾2 teaspoons mild paprikapowder
◾ 10 puff pastry squares (from the freezer, defrosted)
◾ 1 egg

How to prepare the pastries
1: Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees Celcius.
2: Take the skin off the parsnips and cut them into small parts using a food processor together with the onion and the cellery (you could grate them coarsely as well). You don’t want to process the vegetables too long, not untill it becomes a mash. You will need to see small parts.
3: Mix the minced meat in a bowls with the vegetables, worcestershiresauce and paprikapowder. Season with some pepper and salt.
4: Cut the corners off the puff pastry, making it round. Parsnip and meat pastry
5: Divide the filling over the 10 puff pastry circles. Make sure to place the filling into the middle of the circles.
6: Fold over to close the pastry, pressing with your thumb and indexfinger to create a waved edge.
7: Place the pastries on an oven tray with baking paper on it.
8: Whisk the egg and brush the top of the pastries with the egg.
9: Bake them in the oven for 25 minutes untill the pastries look golden brown.

Parsnip and meat pastryThese pastries are perfect for a sunday dinner. It’s kind of a comfort food dinner, but with all of the vegetables in it, it is still on the healthier side. This recipe is also very suited for kids: they will love their own little pastries! The parsnip is detecable in the filling, but it is not too prominent. I really loved the taste of the filling! If you have a little bit of filling left, you can make tiny meatballs with it, like I did. The pastries make a perfect combination with the other forgotten vegetable: Aardpeer from the oven.

Love , EmilyParsnip and meat pastry


3 gedachtes over “Recipe: Forgotten vegetables, parsnips and meat pastries

  1. Pastinaak is een van mijn favorieten en je kunt het inderdaad hier gewoon in de appie kopen tegenwoordig. Nog niet zo lang geleden was het nergens te krijgen hoor! Lekker die pastries!


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