Restaurant: Yoghurt Barn, Utrecht


Finally I went to Utrecht this week, which meant I could finally visit Yoghurt Barn! Hooray! I had read so much positive reviews about this place (it is the officialy awarded as the nicest restaurant in Utrecht) and I had seen so many great photos through Instagram, that Yoghurt Barn was definetely one of the places I wanted to visit. So when the day arrived  of my visit to Utrecht, I especially skipped breakfast (which is something I never do, can’t start the day without eating first) so I could have it there.


Yoghurt Barn is only a short walk away from Utrecht Central Station and really easy to find, even if you are not familiar with the city centre of Utrecht. As I walked inside the first thing I saw was the counter with the different kinds of yoghurt and all of the toppings (so many!). I could not choose between the toppings, so I decided to go for one of their specials: the Brownie Bango. The name on its’ own is genius already! You can choose different kinds of yoghurt, which are all organic and straight from the farmer, and I chose the ‘hangop’ which is drained yoghurt and is a bit thicker than regular yoghurt. I wanted and coffee to go with it as well and the guy behind the counter tolde me I could take an entire breakfast as well and get a croissant with jam extra for the same price. Of course I chose this option! For the coffee I got a latte macchiato.

The Brownie Bango was amazing! It
had mango chuncks on the bottom, then the hangop and then brownie bits and walnuts on top. The mango, brownie and hangop make a perfect combination of sweet and sour. The

hangop is very creamy and thick, but not too thick. The crunch of the walnuts is a nice addition as well. For a latte macchiato, the coffee was not too milky and not too strong, right in the middle. The croissant was nice, fresh and flakey like I want them to be. With some of the nice jam I put inside it was a heavenly breakfast!

Yoghurt Barn looks actually like a barn inside, but a barn with an updated interior. There is a lot of wood on the walls and floor and in the tables and chairs. It looks very cozy and it is a very inviting place to catch up with your friends. There is also a special corner for the kids where they can play. On the walls there are multiple quotes about yoghurt, a very funny detail.

I want to try a lot more yoghurt variations, so next time I am visiting Utrecht (or Amsterdam, because there is a Yoghurt Barn there as well) I am going to have breakfast there again! Definetely recommend it!

Love, Emily


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