Review: Gyoza from Albert Heijn


Today I noticed some new products at my Albert Heijn: there is a new line of pre-made Asian snacks that you only need to heat either in the oven or in the microwave at home. They sold bapao for a long time already, but now there are things like yakitori, spring rolls, dimsum and gyoza as well. I love all of the steamed Asian goodies, so the different dimsum snacks and the gyoza immediately grabbed my attention. As I never tried gyoza before, I wanted to try this one first.

The gyoza are steamed dumpling packages filled with pork and vegetables. There are four pieces in one package and there is a separate part inside the package with the sauce on the side. This is one of the snacks you have to put in the microwave. The only thing you need to do is take off the cardboard package and make a few holes in the plastic on top. Then it needs to be placed in the microwave for 1 minute. This was by far long enough, as the gyoza were steaming hot after this minute. As I took it out of the microwave, I could already smell the lemon that was in the sauce.

The gyoza themselves had a bit of a smoky taste to them, especially on the outside. The dough was ok, moslty like you would expect from a dumpling, but the edges were a little tough sometimes. The filling was quite neutral, with just a hint of lemon. I was glad they hadn’t overdone the lemon, because too much of it can sometimes make your food taste like cleaning supplies. The sauce gave the dumplings the extra spice they needed, without sauce, they would be a bit bland. I liked the overall taste of gyoza and it got me curious about the other dimsum snacks that are new in store. Of course, they can not be compared to the gyoza or dimsum you can get in a restaurant or make at home. They just can’t be as fresh, but if you are craving some Asian snacks and can’t go out for dinner, this is not a bad option at all. So next time I am probably going to try the shrimp dimsum from Albert Heijn.

Love, Emily


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