Restaurant: de Frietwinkel, Utrecht


As you might have read in this post, I visited Utrecht last week. After some shopping, I needed to have lunch somewhere and the first place that popped into my mind was de Frietwinkel. Not that strange if you know it is in the same street as Yoghurt Barn and I passed it on my way to there in the morning.

The Frietwinkel sells authentic fries,

made at the store from fresh, organic potatoes.  All of their products are organic by the way. They put their potatoes in a cutter that makes fries out of them, right after you ordered your fries. Then it takes them 3 minutes to fry them. The fries still have the skin on them, giving them just that little bit of extra flavor and making them feel even more authentic. The taste is amazing: there is no way a pre-cut and frozen fry can compare to this. You taste the freshness of the potatoes and that is just how a fry actually should taste. The mayonaise was served in a way I had never seen before. It was in a little cube attached to the bag of the fries, but in a way that the mayonaise doesn’t touch the fries. I loved that, because it always annoys me if the mayonaise is on top of the fries. Then you have some fries drenched in mayonaise and some with nothing on it. This way, you can dip them in one by one.

I also ordered a mini shrimp croquet. It

might have been small, but it had more flavor than any bigger shrimp croquet I had before. You could see the shrimp inside, which is often not the case and it really had the typical taste of seafood to it. The seasoning was done just right as well, wonderful!

If you are in Utrecht and near the Vinkenburgstraat, don’t go to the McDonald’s at the corner of the street. Walk a little bit further and visit de Frietwinkel for your better fries fix!

Love, Emily


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