Restaurant: The Tea Lab, Rotterdam


While I was shopping for Sinterklaas presents in Rotterdam, I wanted to have something nice and warm to drink. As I had just passed by V&D, I was almost ready to turn around and grab a coffee or tea there as a template of The Tea Lab caught my eye. It pointed in the direction of where it was located, which is just around the corner from V&D. I figured I might give it a try, as I never heard of it before.

When I walked into The Tea Lab, the first thing I saw was the concrete floor. The entire place looks kind of raw and industrial as well, like they didn’t take the time to paint the walls and such. There are different kinds of tables and

Chairs. One corner has cozy benches and pillows in bright colors and prints and the same small pink Ikea table I have at home. This is where I chose to sit down. On the other side of the room are longer tables with highr chairs and there is a bar in front of the window as well. There is also seating available upstairs. The counter where you place your orders looks very inviting. The cakes they serve are on top of it, making it easy to make your choice. Around the room are blackboards with drawings and menu information on it. They also provide nice background information about The Tea Lab. There are tablets you can use in the middle of the restaurant. Genius idea! I think this will definetely draw customers in that need to look up something or just want to use the internet. There is also free wifi in The Tea Lab by the way. This makes it a nice place to do some work or studying while enjoying something to eat or drink. The relaxed lounge music helps in creating a nice working atmosphere as well.

The Tea Lab sells 36 different kinds of teas. They also serve bubble tea, cakes, sandwiches, salads and of course coffee. I chose a White caramel latte, which is basically warm milk with caramel and white chocolate shavings on top. No coffee or tea, but so yummy! It was not too sweet and not too heavy. Perfect to accompany a piece of cake. In my case: Hazelnut meringue chocolate cake. It is rich, but not heavy at all. It has the full flavor of chocolate and the lightness of the meringue. Really liked it! The carrot cake also looked very good, but the slices seemed a bit too large for me at that moment. I will go back and try it one time though.

There are so many things on the menu of The Tea Lab I want to try, that I will go back for sure!
If you haven’t visited them yet, you definetely should.

Love, Emily


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