Review: Mars Caramel limited edition


I love Mars candybars, because I love the caramel that’s inside, so when I saw in my locale Albert Heijn there was a limited edition Mars filled with 100% caramel I just had to try it. I admit, I am a caramel addict. If a product has the word caramel in the name it instantly attracts me. So I got a five-pack (five times yummyness as) and took it home with me.

You can see the golden caramel on the outer package already. On the individual packages, it says ‘100% caramel’ which of course applies to the filling of this Mars. At the first bite, I was totally swooning over the chewy caramel inside this bar. It doesn’t really taste like the regular Mars candybar, because it is lacking the nougat. So when you expect the Mars taste, you might feel deceived. If you are like me and just eating it because it has caramel in it, you will be over the moon with this limited edition! Of course, it is very sweet, exactly what I would expect from caramel.


I must say the caramel is very sticky though. It was on my teeth and I couldn’t get it off with my tongue. It might not be smart to eat this before speaking in public, as you might get some weird looks then.

Together with the peanutbutter KitKat and Double Caramel KitKat Chunky, this is one of my favorite candybars I have tried so far. So I’d say: go get some while you can if you love caramel as much as I do!


Love, Emily


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