Inspiration: My Christmas dinner menu’s so far


Christmas is approaching and it will be just two more weeks untill all the festivities in my family start. Actually, even less than two weeks, because we also host a dinner on Christmas eve with some of our relatives. Then we have first day of Christmas with my mothers’ side of the family and then second day of Christmas with my fathers’ side of the family. For the non-Dutch reader: we really have two official days of Christmas in the Netherlands. It can be convenient if you have multiple groups of people to celebrate Christmas with, like me. And then we still need an extra celebration on Christmas eve, because we can’t fit it all in two days. So I am planning the menu’s and dishes as we speak. I love to try new, delicious, crowd pleasing recipes, but sometimes it can be a struggle to find recipes everyone likes when you are cooking for larger groups. In fact, our numbers are: 8 people on Christmas eve, 15 on the first day and 19 on the second day. On the first and second day, we usually organise it in a way where every family member makes a part of the dinner and takes it to the host where it may be finished or heated before we actually eat. We haven’t discussed the menu’s for those days yet, but I have already seen some great recipes I would like to make.

On my list is for example a Christmas cake from my Cake Boss book.

For the second day, I would like to make these salmon cucumber roll ups as a starter:

zalmrolletjes met komkommer

This sweet potato gratin would make a nice side dish as well:

Kijk wat een lekker recept ik heb gevonden op Allerhande! Zoeteaardappelgratin met bosui

As I don’t know what I will have to make yet, it is nice to check out my options for the two Christmas days. The Christmas eve menu is more set already.

For Christmas eve, We will make vegetable Cristmas crackers as a starter:

Then the main course will be a honey-mustard glazed ham:


Brown sugar and bacon green beans from Six Sisters Stuff on the side:

brown sugar and bacon green beans


And some potatoes from the oven (haven’t decided on the exact kind of potato yet)

For dessert I still have a couple of options:

A greek yoghurt roll:

Kijk wat een lekker recept ik heb gevonden op Allerhande! Kerstrol met Griekse yoghurt

A chocolate mousse bombe:

Kijk wat een lekker recept ik heb gevonden op Allerhande! Kerstbombe met chocolademousse

Or a raspberry charlotte:

Kijk wat een lekker recept ik heb gevonden op Allerhande! Frambozencharlotte

I just can’t decide on the dessert! I really like all of them, but they are so different that I can not compare them to eachother for dear life .

Which dessert would you choose?

Love, Emily



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