Review: Spelt oliebollen from Albert Heijn


After the holidays I finally have some time to write a blogpost again! It has been wonderful, but I was way too busy cooking and entertaining my family to write a new post. So today I am picking up blogging again.

As it is New Years’ Eve tonight it is time to have some oliebollen. For the non-Dutch reader: oliebollen are eaten traditionally at this day. They are basically balls of dough that are fried in sunflower oil. They are mostly eaten plain, with nothing in it, or with raisins. Many families have a tradition of baking their own oliebollen, but fortunately you can buy them at one of the many oliebollen stands that pop up in december or at every bakery and supermarket.

I must say I am not a huge fan of most of the supermarket oliebollen. They are often either very greasy or very dry. They lack the flavor that the freshly made ones have. This is why I was very sceptic at first when I tried the new kind of oliebollen at Albert Heijn. These are spelt oliebollen with raisins and cranberries in them. I was taking a first bite and was quite surprised: this oliebol was not greasy, nor dry! They also don’t taste like the oil they are baked in, which is a plus as well. The spelt gives it a nice bread-like texture, it is a bit more firm than an oliebol made with regular flour. The raisins and cranberries were still soft, which is something I really liked! In some oliebollen the raisins become super hard, almost as if they are burned and I find them quite gross if they are like that. But this was not at all the case. The cranberries give the oliebol a neat little bit of freshness and sweetness.
I can definetely say I truely liked the spelt oliebollen!

As far as the price: the were sold for 2,09 euros per four, which is a decent price for a decent oliebol.

So if you still need your oliebollen for tonight and you like something else for a change, I would recommend getting the spelt oliebollen! Very yummy!

Love, Emily



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