Review: Crispy Crisps fruit chips from Action


I always love to go to stores like Action and Xenos every once in a while, because they sell a little bit of everything, have different products from time to time and they are not expensive at all. This time I had a little bit of time between dance classes and since there is an Action store around the corner of the dance studio that’s where I went to.

There was not much I wanted to buy this time, except for one thing: fruit chips. There are portion sized packs in three different kinds of freeze dried fruit: apple, pear and peach. I am always on the lookout for interesting healthy snacks, so of course I had to try these. I figured they would make a nice substitution for regular potato chips. I bought only the apple and pear, but after trying them I wished I had bought the peach as well.


According to the package, the fruit crisps contain no other ingredient than the fruit. This seems logical, because the fruit has not been baked in any way, but freeze dried. I really like this idea, because I am trying to eat foods with a bit less additives (which can be hard at times, I can tell you that!). I wasn’t sure how crispy the fruit could become after freeze drying, I thought it would be less crispy than it would become when it is being baked. This was absolutely true. The crisps had more the structure of the fruit in it’s original substance, with the fibers still intact, although they had become crispy. They are not chewy, like regular dried fruit. The slices were not as thin as for example potato chips, but they were real slices. Both the apple and pear were sweet, but not too sweet at all. You can tell there is no sugar or any other sweetener involved. The portion size is perfect for a snack: just when you think it is enough there are no more crisps left in the bag. One portion contains between 50 and 60 calories, which also makes it suited for a healthy snack.

If the Action still sells them, I will definetely go and get some more, because I really loved them. The Crispy Crisps are a nice way to get some more fruit in your diet or to have a healthy snack. Have you gotten to try them already?

Love, Emily


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