Restaurant: Picknick Rotterdam


Picknick is another place I read so much about on other blogs and every review I read was so positive that I needed to check it out myself. I honestly didn’t know it was in the place it is (at the Mariniersweg), even though I live in Rotterdam and I walked past it probably countless times. Really bad, I know. But this time I walked inside!

Picknick is in a really narrow building, but they have managed to fit the interior in quite a crafty way. There are not many tables at all. The wooden tables and of course picknick tables are close to eachother, but not too close. The music also helps in a way that it overpowers the conversation of your neighbours just a little bit. The rest of the interior is actually quite bare, with concrete walls and bare lightbulbs on the ceiling. It looks like there are old fashioned checkered dishcloths on the table, just like the ones you would take with you to go out on a picknick. The toilet was an experience on its own: because of the narrow place it has a sliding door! I have never seen this anywhere else. They are also in the middle of the room, which is also quite odd.

Their menu is purely about breakfast and lunch. So a lot of sandwiches, soups, salads and quiches. The specials are written on the wall and the cakes are displayed near the counter. They offer a large variety of coffee and tea and fresh juices.

I ordered a small mixed juice and a sandwich with rolled roast chicken. I must say the small juice was in fact really small. Maybe even a bit too small for the price you pay for it. It was a mix with orange and red fruit and I truely enjoyed it. The sandwiches are served on a wooden plank, which is something I really liked! It gives you the same feeling as the building: no fancy dressage, just good food. The sandwich was a regular sandwich portion, a normal size for a lunch. There were two slices of toasted sourdough bread, which were generously filled with so much goodness! It had a magnificently tender rolled roast chicken with a nice and spicy curry sauce on it. There were crispy baked bacon and onions on top, adding just a bit of salt and flavor to it. The avocado made the whole sandwich a little bit more fresh. All of the ingredients together make a wonderful combination!

I had one little sidenote, which is that the bread was way too hard, especially the crust. My knife just couldn’t get through it at some points and I was really wrestling with it (while trying not to make the bread fly all over the table).


I had one of the tastiest sandwiches in quite a long time at Picknick, so I would efinetely recommend it for a lunch! I could imagine it being full though in the weekends, so I ‘d rather choose a weekday to visit.

Love, Emily


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