Recipe: Oatmeal Greek yoghurt pancakes


Ever since I had pancakes for breakfast at the Ontbijtbar I have the craving for pancakes in the morning every now and then. They are the perfect treat on days when you need a comforting start of your day. But, and this is kind of a big but, I am trying not to eat sugar at my breakfast (and lunch and dinner) because I was experiencing severe drops in my blood sugar dring the day when I ate sugar in every meal or snack. By taking less sugar, this went away almost completely. So regular pancakes for breakfast were not an option.

I knew there are many recipes for pancakes that don’t involve sugar, but those recipes often have bananas as an ingredient. And I really, really don’t like the taste of banana. So then I did some more research and noticed that there were also a lot of recipes that use Greek yoghurt. I do like that so I made up a recipe for pancakes with instant oatmeal and Greek yoghurt and it worked! I got fluffy pancakes without any sugar. They tasted a little sour, but I didn’t mind that. You could add some honey to the batter to make them a bit sweeter. And they have a tendency to fall apart more than regular pancakes when you are trying to cut them. The process of making them couldn’t be easier and they only have a few ingredients:

What do you need for 6 small pancakes?

◾200 grams of Greek yoghurt (I used

fat free yoghurt)
◾ 40 grams of instant oatmeal
◾ a teaspoon baking powder
◾1 egg
◾ a teaspoon vanilla extract
◾ a pinch of salt
◾ a bit cinnamon to taste
◾1 tablespoon coconut oil

The few steps involved in making them :

1: Beat the egg loose, together with the Greek yoghurt and vanilla extract.
2: Add the oatmeal, baking powder, salt and cinnamon and whisk it untill everythingis mixed very well.
3: Let the mixture set for 5 minutes, allowing it to thicken.
4: Heat the coconut oil in a pan and after it is completely liquidified scoop 3 little heaps in the pan.
5: Let the pancakes bake on one side untill the dough starts to set. Keep a close eye on them, as they might burn quickly. Turn them gently.
6: Bake the other side of the pancakes. 7: Repeat this process with the second batch.

You can serve the pancakes with whatever you like: fresh fruit, maple syrup, or like I did, with Nutella. Which is divine, if I may say so (and on sunday, your breakfast may be a bit more special)! So in 15 minutes, you too can prepare these healthier pancakes.

What would you top them with?

Love, Emily


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