Explore the Foodhallen, Amsterdam


The Foodhallen in Amsterdam was something I really wanted to visit, because I thought it had such an unique and amazing concept. I always have a hard time picking a restaurant when I go out for dinner, as I always want to try so many different foods and cuisines. In the Foodhallen, there are numerous vendors in an indoor foodmarket that create original bites of almost every cuisine you can imagine. You can just collect and combine all of the things you like and eat them at one location. How perfect is that for a food lover? Getting to try multiple things at once!


So on this lovely day, I planned to go treat myself to a visit to the Foodhallen.  I took the train to Amsterdam and headed to the Hallen by tram. In the same building there are other hallen with other pusposes like Filmhallen and a hairdressers academy. The Hallen were originally used as a tram depot and were made a monument and repurposed. The building has really high ceilings and still has that industrial look from the depot.


At the entrance of the Foodhallen, you can smell there is a lot of food being prepared in this specific Hall. The smell is so strong it gives you the idea that there is not exactly optimal ventilation in this building. However, you don’t smell it that much anymore after spending some time inside. I really like the setup of the place: all of the different stands are located around a central bar where you can get your drinks. There are different benches and tables in the middle, so you can easily access all of the stands after you have found a place to sit. I can imagine that finding a place to sit can be a struggle on busier days: I visited the Foodhallen on a monday afternoon and even at that time I really had to search for an empty chair or bench.

I first looked around to see what was offered by the different vendors and what kinds of food I wanted to try. I saw so many great things: Friska, pizza at Pink Flamingo, mezze from Maza, temaki from Mister Temaki, burgers from The Butcher, Frozen yoghurt from Yogen Früz, a stand devoted to cheese called Caulils kaas, pulled pork from The Rough Kitchen, Moa pies, Iberico

Ham, or de Ballenbar with bitterballen filled with super original things and many more. So basically, no matter what you like or are craving at the moment, you sure can find something tasty here! But the food I really wanted to try were the Goi Cuon spring rolls from Viet View, the vegetarian ‘This is not a dog’ from Bulls and Dogs and two mini tartlettes from Petit Gateau (I wanted to try more actually, but I was way too full after this already! )

First I had the Goi Cuon with pork from Viet View. The portion consisted of two spring rolls packed with vegetables and pork. I chose hoisin sauce to accompany them. I never had spring rolls like these: full of flavor with super fresh vegetables, mint and coriander and caramellised pork. I absolutely adored the spring rolls and I am convinced I must eat them more often now!

Next was the vegetarian hotdog ‘This is not a dog’ from Bulls and Dogs. This vegetarian hotdog is served in pretzel bread, with cabbage, a cheese sauce and popcorn on top. I’m not joking! Popcorn on a hotdog, how amazing and original is this? The vegetarian sausage was spiced well, I really liked that. The sauce and popcorn make a strangely delicious combination with the sausage. I can’t really explain why it is so delicious, it is probably the combination of different flavors and textures together that makes it so interesting. The pretzel bread is really nice as well, soft and salty.

And the choice for dessert was really hard on me: frozen yoghurt from Yogen Früz or mini tartlettes from Petit Gateau. I love both, but as the tartlettes from Petit Gateau were kind of on my wishlist and I had frozen yoghurt before I chose the tartlettes. But then I had to

make the next choice: which tartlettes to try? I loved all of the flavors they had and I wanted one sweet and one fresh mini tartlette, finally I chose Yuzu meringue and Crispy caramel. The Yuzu meringue was like a lemon meringue, with fluffy meringue on top of a fresh, sour Yuzu custard. The crust was very fresh and crispy. The Crispy caramel was sweet of course, but not overly sweet. The caramel cream was the best part for me personally.

On my way out, I bought a Spelt muesli bun at BROOD to bring to work on the next day. It was delicious! Filled with raisins and nuts and a sturdy bread texture.

I didn’t spend a lot of time in the Foodhallen actually. For me it wasn’t a place where you sit for hours and take a bite every now and then. It was more like eating at a festival, a lot of fun, having a great time, but a bit hectic with people passing by your table all the time. I do think it is a unique experience and you can definetely eat original food items here.

Love, Emily


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