Review: Chia loves fruit


Do you think regular jam holds too much sugar? Then you should try this new alternative called ‘Chia loves fruit’ from Mister Kitchen. In this jam, a great amount of sugar has been replaced by chia seeds. To be exact, Chia loves fruit contains 65% less sugar than regular jam. The chia seeds take care of the binding of the fruit, without extra sugar or gelatin and they add a little bite as well. Stevia is used to make it a little sweeter.

There are 3 different flavors: blueberry – cranberry, apricot – orange and strawberry. I tried the strawberry flavor this time, because I thought this flavor would be easiest to compare with the other jams I know.

First of all, Chia loves fruit is now widely available at Albert Heijn. You can find it at the organic aisle next to products from for example Zonnatura. It is not in the same aisle as the regular jam. It is a bit more expensive than a regular jam (but worth it in my opinion).

I like the outside of the jar: it is plain, but clear about what’s inside. The jar opens easily and closes well after use, which is a plus. The jam itself looks very good, you can see the strawberry seeds and chia seeds in it, but there are no chunks of strawberry. It is quite cohesive and there is no extra fluid in the jam (I think we need to attribute this to the work of the chia seeds, which are known for their ability to hold water and bind small things together). You can take the jam out of the jar easily without it dripping of a knife and it spreads very well without being runny.


When I tasted it, I thought it was really a lot less sweet than regular jam, which is something you can expect when there is that much less sugar in it. It is fresh and fruity, very nice! I liked how it truely tastes like you are eating smashed strawberries and not strawberries with I don’t know what in it. The only thing I missed were little regognisable pieces of strawberry. I personally like chunks, but I also know many people detest them, so if you are one of them: Chia loves fruit is also a jam for you!

I am definetely going to try the blueberry – cranberry flavor soon (not that fond of apricot for a jam though), because I think it is a great substitute for regular jam.

Love, Emily


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