Inspiration: Raspberry banana bread that even banana haters like

Inspiration: Raspberry Banana breadQuite a strange title for this blogpost isn’t it? But that is exactly what this banana bread does: it makes banana haters eat banana. Somehow I never liked the taste of banana, as a child and  as an adult still. It doesn’t matter if the banana is baked, in a smoothie, cake, or even artificial like in candy, if I taste banana, I don’t like it. Because I really want to eat bananas for their healthy benefits, I have tried to eat banana in all kinds of foods to see if there was a way I would like it, but no succes. Untill now!

I have seen so many recipes for banana bread lately, but I was hestitant to make one because of (you guessed it)  the banana component. I knew I wouldn’t like it if the flavor was too prominent. But then I saw this recipe with raspberries in it and I figured they might overpower the banana and if I added a little cacao powder I might taste it even less!

For the raspberries I used frozen ones, because fresh raspberries are still really expensive in this season. I did let them defrost before I put them in the bread. To the recipe I added a tablespoon of cacao powder. The banana bread doesn’t taste like chocolate at all, but it takes a little bit of the banana taste off. At the first bite, I was still a bit afraid I would taste too much banana, because I did smell it a bit. Fortunately, it was not prominent at all and I miraculously liked it! I wasn’t sure before if it would turn out as a cake or a bread, but I must say it is really a bread. It is not sweet, but still tastes so nice. You could add some honey or other sweetener if you want it to be sweet. Or you put Nutella on it, tastes so good! The buckwheat gives it this bread structure and taste and it adds fiber.

Inspiration: Raspberry Banana breadI won the heart-shaped Emile Henry mold in a giveaway from and since I made the banana bread the day before Valentines day, I thought it would be neat to try this mold. It worked so very well and the shape is so pretty! I am sure I will be using it a lot.

So even if you don’t like bananas, I recommend making this banana bread. It’s full of fruit and fibers and there is no sugar involved in making it, so it’s a healthy treat (or breakfast, or lunch or whatever you want). Maybe I don’t hate bananas as much anymore 😉

Love, Emily

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