Background: Crazy food tag


I have never filled in a tag before, but when I saw the Crazy Food Tag at Ohmyfoodness I decided I really wanted to do this one. Maybe it would be nice to give you some more background information about food and me. So I answered all of the questions  below:

1. Which food could you eat every day?
Actually, I eat oatmeal almost every single day and it doesn’t get boring at all. I put so many different things in my oatmeal that it keeps interesting!
2. What’s your favorite restaurant?
For a restaurant, I love Humphrey’s. They have many options and a monthly changing menu for a set price. And all of the food is always amazing. For a lunch I would say Giuliano in Rotterdam. Definetely the best Italian sandwiches ever!
3. What city has the best food you’ve ever had?
In the Netherlands it is my hometown Rotterdam. So many great restaurants here. And abroad I loved New York City with all of the steetfood and take-away restaurants.
4. What do you get on your sub?
Either something with salmon or avocado.
5. What do you get on your pizza? 
Salami, mozzarella and grilled vegetables
6. Is there a food you’ve always wanted to try?
I have an entire list, haha! So many things I still need to taste: Mochi, coquille, Oreo cake, Kapsalon, exotic fruits and much more on my Food Bucket list.
7. Tell me about your worst restaurant experience.
Going to a restaurant where the waiters simply ignored us, it took way too long for our food to arrive and when it arrived, it was bad! We ordered nachos as a starter and they just put some nachos from a bag into a bowl and that was it. The sauce served with the burger was the same as with the nachos and the ‘special dessert’ they advertised with was not available.
8. Who’s a better cook; your mom or dad?
My mom is a better cook for sure. Although my dad can manage quite well.
9. What is one food you just fail at making?
I know my Dragonfruit dessert was not received well…
10. Name your least favorite foods.
I have a few weird ones that most people usually love: bananas (really gross me out) custard and whipped cream.
11. Raw or cooked veggies? 
Both! Depends on the vegetable.
12. How do you like your steak? 
Medium rare, I like the idea of it being baked, but the little redness inside giving it tenderness is perfect to me.
13. Do you enjoy cooking or baking better? 
This one is tough. I am more of a baker at heart, but sometimes I just don’t want to to make something that is a treat again, so at those moments I prefer cooking.

14. What’s your fav fast food place & can you name 5 items off of the menu?
I am not much of a fast food eater, but the local snackbar is my favorite. Their ‘patat speciaal’ is delicious and a frikandel or kroket can be so good at times.
15. Name a food place you wish was closer to you.
Yoghurt Barn and some good salad bars. I really miss those here.
16. Ultimate favorite desert. 
Icecream. The flavor doesn’t even matter. Icecream is the way to go.
17. What food do you gravitate more towards at a party or get together?
Cake of course! And toast with spread on it .
18. Favorite food to eat at Christmas?
A large piece of oven roasted meat. Whether it’s turkey, ham, beef is not important, but sharing this piece of meat with the entire family is just the best.

19. What’s the first food that comes to mind… NOW? 
Pretzels, because I want to bake them for the first time today, but I am afraid I won’t have the time for it.
20. Do you have any weird food habits?
I eat candy in order: like I make sure to have the same amount of every color. And I tend to mix other sauces through my mayonaise. Mustard, curry or even applesauce (yes, that does actually taste good)
21. What holiday is your favorite for food?
Probably Easter. The brunch gives me a good reason to bake a lot!
22. What’s one food you would NEVER try? 
Any animal that is still alive or was cooked while it was still living.
23. Do you know your best friends favorite food?
I do, as I love to invite them for dinner! And I also know what they don’t like 😉
24. What’s the best thing your mom makes?
My moms’ meatballs just can’t be topped. They are pure perfection.
25. What’s your favorite style of eggs: Scrambled, boiled, poached, over easy or sunny side up?
Simply boiled, not soft, not hard, but in the middle.

26. Name your favorite restaurant that closed down. 
Vader Jacob. It was near our home and they had a great menu with high end dishes for normal prices. Their high tea was wonderful as well. Unfortunately, they were situated in a location that didn’t attract enough customers.
27. Do you like your bread toasted light or dark? 
28. Do you like spicy food?
I do, but I can’t handle too much heat I my food.
29. Seafood?
I like most of it, except for mussels and oysters. There is just something to them that doesn’t appeal to me.
30. First food that comes to mind that is green?
Spinach. Haven’t eaten that in quite a while.

I had so much fun filling in this tag and I hope you enjoyed reading my answers!

Love, Emily


3 gedachtes over “Background: Crazy food tag

  1. Ah, wat een leuke tag zeg, leuk om te lezen! Ik wordt ook echt nóóit zat van havermout. Ik eet het nu al een aantal jaar elke dag als ontbijt, maar het blijft heerlijk! En ik ben toch wel een echte bakker denk ik 🙂 Liefs!


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