Explore the store: Frooters, Rotterdam


Alexandrium shopping centre is one of the most well known indoor shopping centres of Rotterdam. Most of us locals still call it the ‘Oosterhof’, which was the original name of the first part of the shopping centre. As it expanded with the second and third part, the name changed to Alexandrium. It is really close to my house and I do feel kind of spoiled sometimes with all of the shops so close to home. There are also many places in Alexandrium where you can get something to eat. One of my favorite new spots is Frooters, a frozen yoghurt and juice bar. I fell in love with frozen yoghurt in New York City and ever since I am always on the lookout for new spots that sell it near me.

Frooters has a DIY frozen yoghurt bar where you can fill your cup or waffle with frozen yoghurt and as much toppings as you like. They offer a variety of fresh fruit, a lot of candy, granola, chocolate, coconut many many different sauces (fresh or bottled). There are 3 different sizes, but the smallest one is by far big enough for me. I absolutely love to create my own frozen yoghurt with all the toppings I love. Sometimes I choose to make a healthy version (frozen yoghurt is already healthier than regular icecream, but I mean healthy toppings) and sometimes I make one big candy bowl! Kids love the DIY part of the concept as well. I watched some kids going full out on the toppings, creating true masterpieces. The frozen yoghurt tastes amazing! Super fresh. And there’s always a huge supply of goodies top put on top of it.

Frooters also sells really nice juices and smoothies, which are made on the spot. There are about 10 different ones, so there is always one that appeals to your taste. I have tried a couple of them and was never dissapointed. Their cups are really great to use on the go as well, with a lid and a straw in it.

Besides this, they also offer coffee, fresh fruit, quark and warm rice pudding on the go. I only had the rice pudding once, but it was amazing! You can top it off with different hot sauces and hot cherries or cinnamon plums (which I chose) and it is plain heavenly. I love the fact that they offer these healthier fastfoods, but that they are still a treat.

The only thing I miss is a place to sit down and eat your frozen yoghurt. Frooters doesn’t offer any seats, but fortunately there are a couple of benches nearby. However, in the weekends it can be crowded and I can tell you that there is almost no way of finding a seat then. But hey, it is an on the go concept!

I have stopped at Frooters a couple of times already and I strongly suggest having a shopping break with one of their yoghurts or smoothies!

Love, Emily


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